Why Quebec’s Blueberry Lake Is The Best Mini Summer Vacation Destination

10 Reasons to getaway very close to Montreal.
Why Quebec’s Blueberry Lake Is The Best Mini Summer Vacation Destination

Blueberry Lake Resort is the perfect getaway for a last minute mini-vacation, especially during the summer. The beautiful log cabins are spacious, comfortable and just far enough away from your responsibilities that you can forget the stress of everyday life and relax with your friends or family for the perfect weekend.

1. It's not too far from Montreal

Blueberry Lake Resort is located in Labelle, Quebec, about 20 minutes away from Mont Tremblant. Its location is perfect if you don't want to go too far for your weekend getaway, which is great when you're looking to save money and time and just want a quick escape from the city for a few days.

2. It's relatively inexpensive for such a beautiful location

The cost of the chalets at Blueberry Lake Resort are reasonable, especially if you think about how you get to reside in such a beautiful location so close to home.

Photo Cred - Kristoffer Tolle

3. There are so many activities

There are plenty of activities to take part in at the resort. Some are free, like kayaking and the steam room. Others have extra costs, like the use of the hot tub for the weekend, or a trip to their spa. Either way, it's absolutely worth experiencing some of these activities to add variety to your stay.

4. There's incredibly beautiful scenery

The nature you are surrounded by in Blueberry Lake will stand out in your mind as even more beautiful than any other spot you've ever been to. Between the quiet, peaceful surroundings, and the fresh air from the mountains, you're guaranteed to enjoy the beautiful scenery, even if you aren't a nature lover at heart.

5. It's an opportunity to do something different with your friends

Every young adult knows that clubbing and bar hopping can get pretty old after a while, especially when you visit the same spots weekend after weekend. A getaway to a chalet can mean new experiences for you and your friends, and not having to stress about picking a place to go to or deciding whose turn it is to be the designated driver is just an added bonus.

6. It's a relaxing getaway from the stress of city life

City life can be stressful, even in the summertime. Summer in Montreal can be fun, don't get me wrong, but waking up in such a beautiful place without the worry of deadlines, meetings or being late for work can make you realize how busy your day to day life really is and how important it is to take time to relax.

7. It's close to Mont Tremblant

The proximity to Mont Tremblant is perfect, because you're far away enough to have some privacy and opportunities for relaxation, but you can also make the 20 minute drive to the village and visit the many restaurants, shops and activities it has to offer.

Photo Cred - Richard P J Lambert

8. A road trip with friends is something every young adult should do

For some reason, the prospect of going on a road trip with your friends can seem more exciting than actually getting to the destination itself. It's a relatively short road trip to Blueberry Lake Resort, but you still get to experience singing at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down with your closest friends.

9. The beautiful chalets that have a lot to offer

The chalets at Blueberry Lake Resort are beautiful, both inside and out. They are reasonably large log cabins that come with a fireplace, pool table, a barbeque, a full functioning kitchen, and a large amount of space for you and your friends or family. Everything down to the beds are luxurious at this resort.

10. It's an amazing bonding experience with your friends or family

Going up north is something that many Montrealers have experienced at least once in their lifetime. Staying in a beautiful log cabin isn't as common. When you stay at these chalets, you get the opportunity to make incredible memories with your friends or family and can become even closer with the people you love.

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