10 Reasons Why Brunettes Actually Have More Fun Than Blondes

Because clichés are overrated.
10 Reasons Why Brunettes Actually Have More Fun Than Blondes

Whoever said "blondes have more fun" was hanging out with the wrong brunette. #justsaying.

Contrary to popular belief... ALL Girls just want to have fun. Not just blondes. And according to recent study, brunettes actually have more fun than blondes do.

I dyed my hair blond for three months this summer. Why? Because every brunette wants/needs to try it once in her life. So I fell for the trap. First let me say this: you do feel more wild. There's something about having such a highlighted hair colour that makes you want to be seen, and do crazy things. But you know what else comes with being blond? People thinking that you're dumb. Because essentially, Blond is not a hair colour, it's a concept. 

So here is why I say fvck you to blondes, and bring out my wild brunettes to have some fun...

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1. Brunettes aren't based solely on their hair colour.

Because it's not the first thing that catches your attention. Instead, you are directed to other facial features such as our eyes, eyebrows #alwaysonfleek, or smile.

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2. Body tattoos look better on a brunette.

It's proven that tattoos on a brunette come out more than on a blonde. This refers back to my first point, the distraction is not on your head, but everywhere else.

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3. Boys like blondes, men like brunettes.

Study proves that men find they do better with a brunette by their side. After conducting a pole from 3,000 people, researchers found at least one in five males surveyed admitted to feeling more successful when they are dating/married to a brunette.

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4. Brunettes are perceived as wife material.

While blondes more as a one night stand. #AintnoWifey.

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5. We're bad b!tches.

Haven't you heard? Brunettes like to feel respected, and know our place in a relationship. Unlike blondes who come off as "softer" or "sweet", we prefer to tell you how it really is even if we come off as harsh or b!tchy. #sorrynotsorry.

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6. We're free spirited creatures.

Brunettes are recognized as being more adventurous and outgoing. We love the outdoors and compared to blondes, hardly complain about breaking a nail, or ruining our hair in the rain.

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7. We have more sex appeal.

Because we can entertain it past the first appearance... And will never cease to amaze you.

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8. Brunettes make more money.

According to a study done in the States, 40% of women who make over $65K a year, are brunettes.

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9. We're actually better in bed.

58% of men say that brunettes are wilder in the bedroom. That's right.

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10. Lastly, half the blondes out there are natural brunettes so technically we're all on the same team.

Do you see her roots?! Sorry girls, you're one of us.

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