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10 Reasons Why Canada Still Loves Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

Haters are going to hate but this country thinks shes great.
10 Reasons Why Canada Still Loves Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

If Justin Trudeau is the most popular man in Canada, then his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, is easily the most popular woman. And for good reason, because while she may be the Prime Minster's spouse, as a philanthropist and mother, Sophie deserves the attention of the media in her own right

But with popularity comes criticism, and even Canada's greatest power-couple isn't protected from the harsh public eye. Dissenters of Justin tend to focus on his political strategies, but Sophie-haters take a different approach, using any minor story or slip-up to lay on the smack-talk.

Honestly, sometimes the haters have a good point, but that hasn't stopped us from adoring everything about Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau. And if you've been infected with a little bit of loathing for the illustrious Mrs. Trudeau, let us remind you why you actually love her with our ten points below.

1. She's willing to share her pain with the public

At the age of seventeen, a time in any young adult's life filled with anxieties, societal pressures, and identity issues, Sophie suffered from bulimia nervosa. This wasn't a simple "phase" or the like, Sophie battled the disease for years, only coming out to her family when she was already well into her twenties.

How do we know this about Sophie's past? Simply because she was willing to share her past hardships with bulimia. Unlike many others who would shy away from talking about such a difficult period in their lives, Sophie has repeatedly told her story, showcasing how, with the proper support, a person can overcome the disorder.

By sharing her pain, hardships, and weaknesses with Canada, Sophie has demonstrated profound inner strength. And not only does her past with bulimia make Sophie quite relatable (she isn't some perfect specimen, but a woman with real problems) but it has helped normalize conversations about eating disorders, thus helping others suffering from such diseases to open up and seek help.

2. She's willing to ask for help

A media maelstrom came about when news broke that Sophie asked for more help with her duties as the Prime Minister's wife, specifically an added staff member or two to help her answer the many questions and requests she gets from charities and organizations on a daily basis. Critics of the Trudeau government didn't take kindly to this, saying how Sophie doesn't have any real duties, and thus doesn't need more help.

For one, being a public figure devoted to charitable causes makes this writer believe that Sophie is doing more work for Canada than most politicians and thus deserves some help, but that's besides the point.

Rather, as many commenters have already said, Sophie's request for more help shows how she's just a regular person, and puts the struggles of many working mothers into the spotlight. As a mother of three and the Prime Minster's wife, Sophie is obviously incredibly busy, much like the many other working moms of Canada who also have to juggle their work and parenting duties.

So thank you for asking for help Sophie, because you've made it known that the struggles of a working mother deserve more attention.

3. She puts herself out there (even when we don't really want her to)

If there was one moment in which the entire world was like "really Sophie?" and jumped at the chance to criticize the Prime Minister's wife, it was her impromptu song during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration. You know, that song, and if you don't just watch above.

The song isn't great and it was hard not to take the opportunity to knock Sophie down a few pegs when it happened (because no one can be too perfect), but hey, you can't blame a woman for bearing her soul, even when no one asked. Sophie showed she is true to herself no matter what people think during her song (an original she wrote for her daughter) and her voice isn't actually all that bad.

4. She's BFFs with Michelle Obama

Barrack and Justin may have started the bromance of the century, but Sophie and Michelle are straight up soulmates. Seriously, that's how Michelle Obama described the relationship between herself and her newly found kindred spirit, citing Sophie as her "soulmate right now."

Michelle may have been alluding to her and Sophie's shared philanthropic interests (the two headed an event centered on the education of young women around the world when the Trudeau's were in Washington) when talking about their soulmate-ship, but that doesn't really matter to us. Sophie and Michelle make for the greatest female power couple in the world, and we just love to see them together.

5. She's Justin's equal in every respect

All too often, when you have a political leader as beloved and charismatic as Justin Trudeau, their husband/wife tends to remain in the shadows, eclipsed by the grandeur of their spouse. That definitely isn't the case with Justin and Sophie.

On par with Justin in terms of smarts, charisma, and initiative, Sophie is the perfect yin to Justin's yang. Honestly, I think they're actually some sort of symbiotic being that becomes more powerful every day they are together. That would at least explain why Sophie and Justin are always doing that forehead-touching-vulcan-mind-meld thing, as they actually share one super-brain.

6. She advocates for others

While some may criticize Sophie's role in Canadian politics, no one can say that she's using her newfound publicity to vain ends. As she was in the past, Sophie is an advocate for numerous charitable organizations and philanthropic causes, and she shows no signs in ending her crusade to make the world a better place.

Of the many charities Sophie has been involved with, some of the more notable campaigns and causes include Plan Canada’s “Because I Am A Girl” initiative, Girls for the Cure, the Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association, the Debra Dynes Family House, the Women's Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Association, and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

And that's just scratching the surface. Obviously Sophie holds the needs of others on par with her own and is willing to voice the concerns of the unheard. Some may call Sophie's charity work mere publicity stunts, but regardless of her intentions, Sophie is shedding light on real societal issues, an act that warrants admiration.

7. She puts the spotlight on Canadian fashion

Easily one of the best dressed people in Canada, Sophie is always clad in an amazing outfit, and more often than not, she's wearing a Canadian designer. From her airport-entrance into Washington to the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, Sophie is clad from head-to-toe in Canadian-made fashion items, thus putting the spotlight on some of the nation's best designers.

Now, this may not seem like the greatest of accolades, but for the designers Sophie wears, it can make a huge difference. I mean, when Vogue is actively talking about Canadian fashion (and when does anyone ever talk about Canadian fashion?) thanks to Sophie, you can't help but imagine how that's helping out Canadian designers.

8. She's not afraid to be a mom

For reasons beyond my comprehension, people tend to look down upon the role of the mother. Despite being one of the most important jobs in the entire world, motherhood is (at times) placed in a negative light, deemed as something a professional and accomplished woman would not make a part of her identity.

That certainly isn't the case for Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, who actively speaks about her life as a mother and the difficulties she faces within the role. From breastfeeding to what language her kids speak at home, Sophie doesn't shy away from her opinions on motherhood while in the spotlight.

Sophie makes being a mother an integral part of her identity, one that gives her strength instead of holding her back. In doing so, Sophie gets people talking about the problems a mother continues to face in modern society, while also showcasing that being a "mom" isn't a bad thing in the slightest.

9. She's an amazing role model

Strong female role models aren't exactly in abundance these days. Yes, there are many amazing women who actively strive to make the world a better place, but their accomplishments are too often eclipsed by reality TV stars, actresses, and Instagram celebrities. That isn't to say none of those types of celebrities can't make for a great role model, but lets be honest, that usually isn't the case.

Sophie, on the other hand, is a rarity in celebridom for both men and women, namely a person who is both in the public spotlight but also provides a shining example of how the average citizen should strive to make the world a better place and achieve their dreams.

For women young and old, and men, for that matter, Sophie is an amazing role model, one Canadians can call their own.

10. She's being the First Lady Canada always needed

Unlike in the U.S., there is no official governmental role for the spouse of the Canadian head of state. As such, many criticize Sophie taking the stage as "Canada's First Lady" (or as she actually prefers, "the Prime Minister's wife") since the role doesn't really exist.

But it should, because thanks to the combined charisma of both Sophie and Justin, Canada has attained a new level of international prestige and importance. Not only that, but Sophie is actually playing an integral role in Canadian society, using her newfound role as the Prime Minister's wife to publicize important issues (as already mentioned) and reshape Canada for the better.

And again, Sophie is doing all of that without getting paid nor the need for anyone telling her to do so; there's no "but your the First Lady!" going on, Sophie is doing all of this because she feels the need to.

So even though Canada has never had a First Lady, we're glad Sophie is taking up the mantle, because she's doing a stellar job.

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