10 Reasons Why Concordia University's Loyola Campus Is Better Than SGW

#5 You feel like you're studying at Hogwarts.
10 Reasons Why Concordia University's Loyola Campus Is Better Than SGW

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Concordia University, as you might know, has two very different campuses. The Sir George Williams Campus is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, close to everything and anything the city has to offer. On the other hand, Loyola Campus is nestled in NDG, in a more residential area. The two campuses are extremely different in their aesthetic, as well as their overall vibe. They are literally like two different worlds, one being urban and loud, the other being secluded and peaceful. However my personal belief is that Loyola campus is better than SGW, and here is why:

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1. Less Distractions

Since Loyola campus is located in NDG, there are a not a lot of things to do in the area. Although this may seem rather boring, it is ideal when you need to focus and study. Technically, that's what we're supposed to be doing when we're at school, right?

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2. Parking

Trying to find parking in downtown Montreal is almost impossible. If that's not enough, paying for parking in the city is extremely expensive. Since Concordia's SGW campus is located in downtown Montreal, you become a victim of these daily parking struggles. However, this is not an issue if you study at the Loyola Campus. There are tons of side-streets with free parking, and a parking lot in back of the school that costs $5 a day. You are bound to find a spot, without having to drive around aimlessly. You will be saving yourself valuable time and money!

3. More Green Space

Unlike the SGW campus that has barely any green space (since it is in the city), the Loyola campus has a lot of open space with tons of flowers, trees and grass for students to enjoy! It's the perfect place to relax, eat your lunch or study, instead of being locked up inside or trapped in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

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4. Less People

The SGW campus is a zoo. Not only are you surrounded by other students, but also bombarded with people who work in the city. Loyola campus, on the other hand, has a lot less people since it is located in a more residential area. Also, there are a lot less students who have classes at Loyola campus, making it less crowded with annoyed, tired and cranky students.

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5. You Feel Like You're Studying At Hogwarts

Overall, the aesthetic of the Loyola campus is completely different (and more pleasant) than the downtown campus. Loyola feels more like a community, with everything being in one place, while SGW is more urban and spread out in the city. Loyola has an architectural charm, with old, classic and beautiful buildings, making you feel like Harry Potter and the crew studying at Hogwarts!

6. Better For Your Bank Account

Being at the SGW campus is expensive. With retail stores, shopping malls and bars at every corner, you are sure to blow money on the daily. Money that you probably don't have. But this is not really an issue if you study at Loyola campus since you are pretty much surrounded by houses.

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7. Better For Your Diet

Not only will you save money but studying at the Loyola campus is also better for your diet. You are not overwhelmed with the endless options of restaurants like the downtown campus. You can save a couple trips to the gym and not worry about counting every calorie after that double big mac trio (yes, I'm talking to you).

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8. Easier To Find Quiet Space

Studying at the SGW library has become more of a hangout spot than an actual quiet study space with people talking, screaming and laughing with their friends. It is almost impossible to find a seat, or a quiet space to study. Although the Loyola library is also busy, it is a lot more quiet and calm, and you can usually find a desk to sit and focus.

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9. The Bookstore Is Better

The Loyola bookstore is literally 1/4 the size of the SGW bookstore, and it's perfect. The downtown bookstore is huge and unorganized. I get it, there are more faculties and programs who have books at the downtown library, but getting help is impossible, and looking through mountains of books is exhausting. Meanwhile, at the Loyola bookstore, everything is shelved and in order. It's easy to find your books, and you don't sweat while doing it!

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10. Harder To Get Lost

Since the Loyola campus is smaller, it's harder to get lost. The first day of classes at the downtown campus are a literal mess, causing you to run in circles trying to find not just your classroom but the actual building (some are old houses, while others are in the basement of malls #unclear). Yes, it might be tricky to find your way around the Loyola campus at first, but at least all the buildings are in the same area, and not spread out along the streets of downtown Montreal.

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