10 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Gay Best Friend

Don't get me wrong, not all gay guys want to be your friend. No seriously, they don't. Don't believe me? Read Michael's article here. But, on the other hand - gay guys do make the bestest of friends... Mainly because their interest for you isn't physical AT ALL. So you don't have to pretend to be anyone or anything in front of them, which can make for a nice change in a friendship with the opposite sex.

Here are 10 reasons why (I believe) every girl should have a GBF:

1. They're honest

Gay men are brutally honest. Almost like they're so tired of bulls!t that they have become immune to it. My GBF has been open with me and has always told me the truth, from how my hair looks horrible that day, or how orange is just not my colour (no matter how hard I want it to be), and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

2. They've got great fashion sense

Style game on point. Not ALL gay guys have great fashion, but they tend to be more fashion-forward than straight guys. Unlike your girl best friend who doesn't know how to match colours, your gay best friend knows how to alternate tones and make sure you look fabulous at all times.

3.  They won't ever date your ex's

Because your ex is straight. Unlike the skepticism girls have about dating their friends ex's, you can make sure with your GBF that won't ever happen because they're not pitching for the same team, if you know what I mean.

4. You know the relationship is purely platonic because they're not attracted to you

For once a guy's motive won't be to get into your pants! Which is a nice change if you ask me.

5. They don't complain

They're emotionally stable (hm hm, unlike girls). Girls tend to overanalyze things, and spend so much of their time complaining (about each other or their boyfriends) while gay guys are just laid back and stress free.

6. They give great guy advice

They understand straight men and why they do the things they do. It doesn't matter how much of an expert your friend is at reading guys, she'll never get into the head of a man. A gay guy is a man... No girl will get it as right as him.

7. They're more fun and outgoing

Because they're not stuck up or boring. Some girls love to stand around in a club and stare at each other's #RBF. I love going out with my GBF because he actually has fun. He's the life of the party, and will always get everyone else on his level.

8. They'll hit you with the headlines

Straight to the point, not sugar coated. Yes, he is playing you. Yes, he's a jerk. No, you don't look fat.

9. They don't think you're being a b!tch

That moment when you look at your GBF, and he starts laughing because he knows exactly what you're thinking... He just gets it. He deals with your mood swings and doesn't find you "mean" or a b!tch when you're being honest. Welcome to the real world.

10. If a gay guy likes to hang out with you, consider yourself  pretty special

Let's be honest. Gay guys can hang out with each other, and they have so much fun doing so. Why would they deal with a woman unless it's their mother or sister? Because that woman happens to be you, and they enjoy your company just as much as they do hanging out with other guys. (Okay maybe not as much, but close enough).

I love my #GBF.

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