10 Reasons Why Every International Student Should Study In Montreal

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Students make up a large chunk of the entire Montreal population, with more than many coming from all around the world to study in the city. Montreal is made for students,  If you are a student, and an international one in particular, then there's one party you need to check out this Thursday. From 3pm to 8pm, Evo Montreal, this city's #1 student residency is hosting a block party at 420 Sherbrooke West! Enjoy free food straight from the grill, a live DJ and chance to meet the amazing people of Montreal. They're also going to be raffling off a pair of tickets to Ile Soniq!

There are many reasons why people flock to the city to get some higher education. No, we're not talking about the prestigious schools, although that's a factor, we're talking about the city-wide culture that caters to students of all origins.

You may be on the fence about journeying to Montreal for school, and we're about to tip you over the Montreal side of things.

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Photo cred - Joshua McRae

A Gigantic Student Population

Home to four universities and wide array of CEGEPs, no matter where you're from, you're going to have a lot of fellow students to study, chill, and drink with. A good majority of them will also be from outside of Canada, meaning you'll also have peers to relate to on many levels, from homesickness to adjusting to Montreal-life.

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Schools on Schools

Building on that last point, Montreal's many institutions of higher learning means that no matter what you want to study, one school will have a program fitting your interests. Testing out a couple schools, or even just taking courses from a different university, is entirely possible and done by many. Only Montreal will give you such a wide array of educational opportunities.

MTL Is Cosmo(politan)

No, we're not referring to the drink, we're talking about how Montreal, and its inhabitants, are incredibly comfortable with any and all cultures. Immigrants from all over have been coming to Montreal for centuries, and multiculturalism is a key aspect to the greatness of the city. Montreal has a place for you no matter where you come from, and there's no doubt a whole community of people who hail from the same nation already living in the city.

A World Class Party Scene

There's a reason why Montreal is known around the world, whereas the rest of Canada isn't quite so infamous. We could lie and say its because of the city's prestigious cultural attractions, or something else boring, but let's be real, it's the party scene that bring people to Montreal. Young people ready to party dominate the city, and there's a nightlife hub no matter what you're into, from small pubs to electrifying clubs. You'll come to Montreal to study, but you'll stay for the parties- and living in a student res like evo Montreal, you'll be right in the heart of all the action, as well as being surrounded by hundreds of neighbors that are just like you.

You Won't Get Lost, We Hope

Unlike gigantic metropolises like New York or Toronto, Montreal is a major city that is pretty small, and isn't the worst to get around. With three major universities in the downtown core, you'll be able to walk to school, and even if you live far away, you can take a bus or the metro for a quick zip to campus. Don't stress about taking public transit either, because major student discounts on monthly unlimited OPUS cards make any travel problem disappear.

A Euro-American Hybrid

People think of Montreal as a European city in North America, and in many ways, they're right. But the two cultures aren't just mish-mashed together, they fuse into a unique vibe that is one of a kind. Students from the states will see familiar stores and chains, while European students will notice a similar attitude and lifestyle, but both (or anyone from anywhere) will experience a city unlike any they've seen before.

Two Languages To Get By With

Speak English? Great, you'll be able to get by in Montreal. Speak French? Even better. Are you bilingual about it? Then you're all set. A city with two languages, both of which are some of the most oft-spoken in the world, Montreal is inherently more inviting to students who may not know one or the other. And if you only know English or French, Montreal is the perfect setting to improve your skills in the other.

International Student Organizations

Maybe one of major perks to being an internatinal student in Montreal is that you already have a whole network of people waiting to get you acquainted with the city. Not only does every university have an international students office, but there are also groups like Interstude who exist to make sure the social/party lives of any international student is simply supreme. We also know first-hand that Interstude throws awesome parties.

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Comfort Food

Montreal, aside from New York, has the highest concentration of restaurants in North America, with almost every single cuisine-culture represented. No matter where you're from, you'll be able to find a resto that will make your taste-buds feel at home. If not, the many markets of Montreal will easily supply you with whatever ingredients you need to make a home cooked meal.

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We're Here To Help

During your entire Montreal journey, whether you traveled 6 hours on a bus or flew across an ocean, we're going to be right there with you telling you what's happening in the city. Montreal is the only city in the world that hosts a website like ours, one designed for young folks who are likely to party just as much as they like to keep up to date on current events, or watch funny videos from around the web. No matter what you're looking for in Montreal, we've got you covered.

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Montreal is home to over 17,000 international students, and there's a reason for that. If you're an international student making your way over to Montreal, you've got to check out evo's student block party happening this Thursday from 3pm to 8pm. Not only is their student residence one that everyone loves, they know how to throw one hell of a party!