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10 Reasons Why Every Montreal Man Should Have A Beard

Because a mustache just isn't enough.
10 Reasons Why Every Montreal Man Should Have A Beard

First it was a mustache, now its the beard. We don't know what it is about these fuzzy face friends, but the hype around them is unbeatable. While not every man can grow a proper beard, those who can, appear to take great pride in theirs. But a beard isn't just a patch of hair on a man's face. There's a whole lot more to simple facial hair than you think.

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Because Mother Nature Takes Its Toll

Having a beard is like wearing a full time scarf. If you live in Montreal, you know how heavily the snow blows and how sharp the freezing rain feels upon your face. A thick layer of curly hair can protect you against much of the weather's destructive behavior. When everyone else has frost bites on their chin, you'll be stroking that long beard of yours which kept your face oh so warm.

Because Studies Prove The Increase In Your Likelihood of Marriage

A few months ago, Australian Professors, Rob C Brooks and Dr Barnaby Dixson from the University of New South Wales undertook a fascinating bearded study. They found that "women's perception of men's attractiveness, masculinity, health and parental skills" are augmented when a man has a beard. The study's findings are now published in the Human and Evolution Behavior Journal. So if you're trying flip a woman into your wifey, think about growing some facial hair first.

Because Beards Are Honorable

In the Middle Ages, a knight who had a beard was considered virile. Grasping onto another man's beard, yet alone touching it, was considered to be a serious offence that had to be settled in combat. If our ancestors considered beards to represent nobility, then so should we!

Because You'll Save Time In The Morning

With the traffic that goes on in this city, getting to work or school is almost always a mission. When it comes to morning routines, for some, grooming takes up a large part. Having a beard will allow you to skip the most tedious and time consuming task, that being shaving. Skip the morning shave, and you might never miss your morning bus.

Because Montreal's Got Strong UV Rays

Okay, maybe not within these past couple of days, but when it gets sunny in Montreal, there's no escaping the window's heavy glare. Whether it be summer or winter time, UV rays are strong, and most people don't consider the importance of sunscreen. According to an article published in the Journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry, a study at the University of Southern Queensland proved that a furry face can protect against the harmful sun as well as skin damage.

Because Beards Are Like Makeup

While women like to cover up their unwanted blemishes with the gift of makeup, a man can have his beard. Not that men can't wear makeup, but beards are just way easier, and you won't have to worry about buying a new cover up every three weeks. Whether you have a face full of zits or not, the mysterious shield that is your beard will leave people guessing for months.

Because Beards Mean Great Careers

If he was a great president, he had a great beard. Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison, you name 'em, most great American presidents sported a beard, and they were proud. Ironically, as many prepare with a clean shave before a big job interview, the two highest ranked hedge fund managers in business as ranked by Forbes Magazine were James Simons, and Gary Parr, both of which have spectacular beards.

Because Beards Will Fight That Winter Cough

Living in a city as cold as our own, comes with its health consequences. While we may try our hardest to keep warm and take our vitamins, that pinching Montreal air always comes out to snatch us. If you're one the many lucky guys who's gotten a cough this winter, try a side of beard with your antibiotics next time. According to political news correspondent, Carol Walker, a long beard will trap cold air and augment the temperature around your neck which can help cure a sore throat and a bad cough.

Because Beards Are A Right Of Passage

Growing a beard means that you have accepted your transition into manhood. Once facial hair begins to evolve on your face, your responsibilities change entirely. It's no wonder lumberjacks are so fricken' manly!

Just Because

Because beards.

Got a beard? Wish you could grow one? What's your favorite part about having a beard? Let us know with your comments!

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