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10 Reasons Why Montreal Is The Best City For 20 Year Olds

You'll want to be 20 and living in the city.
10 Reasons Why Montreal Is The Best City For 20 Year Olds

Montreal is one of those cities that's got everything! From a huge nightlife scene, to the home of major educational institutions, this city knows how to host a 20 year old. While those in their early 20's are energetic, exciting and often on the go, Montreal's diversity perfectly caters to those attributes.

Reduced Transit Fares

If you're in your early 20's and living in Montreal, you're most probably a student- or once were. Public transit fares for students are $30 less than those for the general public. 20 year old's have a bargain!

Easy Access to Booze

It's no doubt that 20 year old's love drink. Being 20 means you're old enough to handle your liquor and young enough to not give a damn. Montreal is one of the only cities in Canada where wine and beer can be purchased at places other than a liquor store. With that being said, you can find a depanneur or a gas station on nearly every corner of Montreal, making sobriety only a mere option.

You've Got Time to Build Your Tolerance

Since the legal drinking age in Montreal is 18, by the age of 20, you'll be fully ready to cradle an entire bottle of wine as well as conquer major drinking challenges such as those at frosh.

Accessibility to Everything In The City

Most 20 year old's are on the go. Travelling from school, to work, to friends' places and more, it's important to have easy travel options. Most 20 year old's don't have their own cars. Luckily, the city is filled with great commute options such as widespread bus roots and underground metro service. There are bike paths all over the city, and for those who don't own a bike, Bixis are a fantastic option.

Cheap Rent

Among Canada's major cities, Montreal has one of the cheapest rent fees. Those in their early 20's who are eager to move out of their parents home can do so with no hassle.

Massive Party Scene

If there's one thing a 20 year old can do best, it's partying! Montreal is a city that feeds its population with festivities. Along side hundreds of bars and clubs, there are several events that go down in the city, all of which 20 year old's love. Events like Osheaga, Igloofest and Piknic Electronik are only some events that 20- year- old, party- goers live for here in Montreal.

24 Hour Accessibility

Most 20 year old's see sleep as an option. If they do sleep, it'll probably be during the day time, because nights are reserved for drunken debaucheries, or exam cram all nighters, depending on the time of year. Getting what you need during late hours (or early ones) is never an issue in Montreal. The city is filled with dozens of 24 hour depanneurs, gas stations, pharmacies and coffee shops.

Cheap Food

Juggling with part time jobs and school is a common struggle for those in their 20's. Those that are living in the city are generally broke, or are at least on the verge of it. Luckily, Montreal is overflowing with cheap restaurants and a wide variety of low cost food options.

The Abundance of Students

If you're living in Montreal and you're in your 20's, feeling alone will never be an option. With several major universities in the city, its streets are constantly overflowing with young faces and a fresh vibe.

What's your favorite part about being 20 and living in the city? Let us know with your comments!

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