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10 Reasons Why Quiet Guys Make The Best Boyfriends

Don't overlook them!
10 Reasons Why Quiet Guys Make The Best Boyfriends

As I'm sure you've noticed in recent TV shows and movies, charismatic "bad boys" are not the only kind of guy that can make a girl's heart race.

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The strong silent type is making a comeback and I am absolutely here for it. Just because a guy is quiet, or he doesn't make the first move, does not mean that he isn't the one for you. 

Don't push away true love just because it doesn't scream at you in the face. Quiet guys really do make the best boyfriends. Here's ten reason why:

1. They're really good listeners 

This one is a bit obvious, but it's really worth mentioning because it is SO true. Rather than talking and talking, they will actually listen to what you have to say. And I don't mean listen in the in-one-ear-out-the-other kind of way. I mean they really listen. It's super refreshing to have words come out of your mouth and have them truly be considered. It can make you feel important and worthy of time which is extremely important to a healthy relationship might I add.

2. They don't hog the conversation

I cannot tell you how much mansplaining gets on my nerves. Quiet guys just don't do that. Most of the time, they don't really talk all that much either. Now I'm not saying that you'll feel like you're talking to a wall or a mute, but you'll actually feel like you have your time to say what you need to say without being interrupted, patronized, or argued with. Even if you're wrong, he'll wait until you've said your piece before shutting you down.

3. They've actually got something going on in their heads

There's always a reason why a guy is so quiet all the time, it's because they are, wait for it, thinking! Yeah, that's right, guys can actually have thoughts in their heads. Okay, yes, of course, I know that not all guys are rude airheads, but we've all had one too many experiences with guys that just don't have much going on between their ears. Quiet guys are reflective and thoughtful, so you know that whatever comes out of their mouth isn't going to be just a pile of horseshit.

4. They'll keep you calm

Take it from someone who is a little too stressed, way too often. It's honestly the best thing to have someone who can get you to relax and chill out. Even if it's just for a second, they know when you're too wired and need a second to breathe. They can tell, probably because you're starting to stress them out. Quiet guys like it calm, and really, who doesn't? Whether it's through a nice massage, or just by talking to you, these men really know how to ease your nerves and get you throw a stressful work-week.

5. They're completely okay with alone time

Super clingy guys can be a real pain in the ass. Oh yeah, it's not just girls. I'm all for spending tons of time with your significant other, but everyone needs a me-day every once and a while. Being okay by yourself is extremely important for a healthy relationship anyway. You have to be okay with yourself before you can be okay with somebody else. Besides, they probably love alone time even more than you do. Quiet guys find a lot en enjoyment in chilling by themselves. Thank goodness. You won't need to keep these guys entertained at all hours of the day. They can handle that themselves.

6. They're really level-headed

Arguments who? One of my least favorite things about being in relationships is the overreacting and never-ending need for explanations. Quiet guys are experts in seeing both sides of the story and taking a second to think before he lets something out of his mouth. You'll actually be surprised by how wise these men can be. Personally, level-headedness is a HUGE plus. Who wants to be with someone who can't give you the benefit of the doubt, or let things go? Not me. No siree.

7. He's not a bragger

Guys who do nothing but talk about themselves are probably the worst type of people on the entire planet. You know the type (and yes I mean type. I know not all guys are like this), he takes way too long to get ready in the morning, he goes to the gym every second of the day, and he definitely loves himself more than he loves you. Quiet guys are so far from being like that, and it's my favorite thing ever. You won't catch him talking about himself for hours, or asking you how his muscles look. In fact, he'll probably talk more about you than himself.

8. He will inspire you to be more decisive

I know for me, and for many of my friends, making decisions has got to be our kryptonite. When someone asks "Where do you want to eat?", I pretty much have a crisis and just let them decide. Quiet guys are just like that too so you will be forced to step up. And honestly, it's really a good thing. Being indecisive is not a really good characteristic, and forcing yourself to get outside your comfort zone, be more confident in your decisions, and take the lead will only benefit you in the long run. So really, his quiet nature will help make you a better person.

9. He gives really good advice

Now this one really caught me off guard. Quiet guys are surprisingly wise. I mean, it makes sense if you really think about it. They spend tons of time thinking when they're not running their mouths. And during that time, he's self-reflecting, thinking of life, thinking about everything. It makes total sense that quiet guys develop a more balanced outlook on life. Giving good advice is a great quality in a boyfriend, in my opinion.

10. You'll always have new things to know about him

Some guys will tell you everything you'll ever need to know about him in the first ten minutes of the date. I prefer having some mystery, or at least something to look forward to in a relationship. Getting to know someone is one of the best parts of a relationship, and with quiet guys, it never really ends! There will always be something new that he hasn't mentioned about himself. There will always be another layer to your guy. This keeps things exciting and romantic well into the relationship, so for real, get yourself a quiet guy and have yourself an amazing romance.

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