10 Reasons Why Taurus Make The Best Lovers

No, they're not too 'bull-headed.'
10 Reasons Why Taurus Make The Best Lovers

Fun, little-known fact about me: I totally love horoscopes. Why? I don't know. Do I think they're legit? I mean, they could be. All I know is that they're fun, and sometimes, they're even pretty accurate.

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I've been looking up my own sign, and the signs of people in my life, for as long as I can remember, so I feel pretty comfortable in making star sign calls. For example, if you're dating a Taurus, let me tell you - you're one lucky, lucky person...

1. Taurus make the best lovers because they'll fight for you.

Being persistent, and kind of stubborn, means that once the Taurus knows what they want, they go for it - no matter the obstacle.

Which might come off as creepy on first glance. But actually, it just means that no matter what, your Taurus lover will do anything it takes to keep you in their lives if you both want that. And that's really sweet, TBH.

2. Taurus make the best lovers because the affection legit never stops.

One of the most loving of the signs, a Taurus will absolutely let you know that they love and appreciate you. You'll never have to guess whether or not your Taurus lover actually loves you; they'll tell you, or at the very least, they'll show it ver, very often.

3. Taurus make the best lovers because they're fiery AF.

Passion rules the Taurus, and if that's what you want, then you've found the perfect partner.

Sure, they get a little mad a little too easily, so if that's not something you can deal with then think twice about seriously dating a Taurus. But if you don't mind a little bite, as long as they bring the heat in every other aspect, then stop the search. Taurus is the bae for you.

4. Taurus make the best lovers because the sex. Is. Incredible.


I mean, a Taurus is passionate, and wants to make sure their partner knows just how much they love them... So I'll let you connect the dots on this one.

5. Taurus make the best lovers because they'll do their own thing.

The independent nature of a Taurus means they're not exactly relying on you for every single thing, which is pretty great, TBH.

However, be warned; a Taurus is kind of posessive, so if you're the type of person who needs to do your own thing as well, this might end up clashing just a little bit.

6. Taurus make the best lovers because they're not wild.

A Taurus is kind of more on the calm sign once they've found the person they love. They defs prefer a night of Netflix and chilling to a night of hitting the clubs.

But that doesn't mean they're boring, though...

7. Taurus make the best lovers because they'll be down to do whatever. Literally.

Their drive and need to see their partner happy also means they'll do what it takes to make sure their baes are having a great time.

They adapt pretty easily to most situations, and will go along with whatever plans you might have in store for them.

8. Taurus make the best lovers because they're patient and consistent.

In a jam? Need some help? Running late?

No worries. If they love you, your Taurus significant other will wait for you, help you out, and just generally be there for you. Sounds awesome? I think it does, too.

9. Taurus make the best lovers because they want to see their baes happy.

Above all else, they value the happiness of the person they love.

Which means the Taurus often goes the extra mile to make sure their lover is comfortable, pampered, and generally well taken care of.

10. Taurus make the best lovers because they're commitment knows no bounds.

Remember earlier when I said that Taurus are kind of possessive? Well, that's not always a terrible thing.

It also means that they'll be super committed to you and your relationship. Once they find their person, the Taurus has found their person for a long, long time.

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