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10 Reasons Why Batman Would Protect Montreal

Bruce Wayne would never be the same.
10 Reasons Why Batman Would Protect Montreal

Gotham City has seen worse days.

The enemies on Rogues Gallery are retiring and there's no one left to fight. The bat-bags are packed and the map is open. The Batman needs to choose which city is the best to protect.

Montreal, of course. There's no doubt whatsoever. Bruce Wayne would finally find his happy place here. We know that because Montreal is our happy place, too.

In honour of our city's wonders, we decided to elaborate on why the most popular and badass Superhero should come live with us.

Here's the 10 reasons why The Batman would protect Montreal.

1. The Strong Fan Base

The Batman would be surprised to see how many of his posters, clothing, graffiti, writing on the wall (washrooms included), action figures, games, comic books etc we have in Montreal. Seriously, it's overwhelming. The Batman had some haters in Gotham, but he would surely be accepted here in Montreal.

2.  The Parties

Bruce Wayne, the American billionaire, would definitely have a lot of fun in Montreal. Imagine the most luxurious mansion in Westmount full of people ready to dance and drink all night long. As a philanthropist, Bruce would also throw huge fundraising events to help with our most honorable causes, such as The Salvation Army.

3. The Business

As an industrialist and owner of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce would have an even more brilliant professional future in Montreal, due to the big companies we have here. Warner Bros. Games Montreal is one of them. They are the ones who developed the game "Batman: Arkham Origins". Talk about coincidence, right?

4. The Police

Unlike most Superheroes, The Batman does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, martial arts skills, an indomitable will, fear, and intimidation in his continuous war on crime. Wouldn't he love Montreal, the city of protests? Better yet, wouldn't he love to see how some Police Officers puts us in potentially dangerous situations? Did someone say rubber bullets? Ops!

5. The Street Fashion

As a cultural and sub-cultural icon, The Batman represents some aspect of cultural identity among Montreal's hipsters. If he went to the Plateau, for example, he would see a lot of people wearing Batman t-shirts, socks, skirts, shorts etc. There also the "cool" Batman shirts, usually with something written on it. "I never said I was Batman, but we have never been seen in the same room together" is very popular. I wonder what the real Batman would think of that? It would probably be easier to disguise since everyone is wearing shirts saying they're the real deal.

6. The Crazy Nightlife

The Batman has intrigued psychiatrists with many trying to understand the character's psyche and his true ego in society, which means he would fit in just fine. Probably he would feel less complex if he walked on Saint Laurent street on a friday night. Or if he went to a place like The Foufounes Électriques on a Thursday night during winter, when it feels like -25ºC and the line is huge outside. People rather freeze in the street for at least 40 minutes just to go dance like crazy in a crowed place. The Batman would appreciate our craziness, for sure.

7. The City's Architecture

The Batman is trending. Our favourite Superhero is getting even more famous. Fame comes with a price and you gotta choose the city you'll live in carefully. So why not choose one that has already been part of his history? Yes, Montreal makes part of The Batman's life. Why? In 1997 Warner Bros released the movie "Batman & Robin" and guess which city makes part of the filming locations? Our beautiful Montreal. Not only The Batman would love to come to Montreal, but also other Superheroes, Mutants, lovers, detectives etc. You can check them all out here.

8. The Car Lovers

The Batman would own Montreal with his Batmobile. Can you imagine how many people would stop and take pictures with his car, specially during the F1 event? Crescent street would be paralyzed by fans and car lovers from all around the world. It says on their website, "It's not just about the race. It's about a whole city coming alive with excitement! People arriving to Montreal from every part of the globe with one common objective - to get the most out of their 72 hours." The Batman would certainly enjoy showing off the Batmobile, all for the thrill of the moment.

9. The Skyscrapers

Montreal has the perfect skyscrapers for the Bat-Signal. According to researches, there are currently 42 buildings and structures in Montreal greater than 100m. The tallest one is the 1000 de La Gauchetière, in Downtown. It has 205m, 51 floors and is the tallest building in Montreal by roof height and tallest in Canada east of Toronto. It rises the maximum height allowed by the city. The perfect spot for the Bat-Signal, for sure.

10. The Underground City

Montreal has its own Batcave. What more does The Batman need? The underground city is also known as the indoor city and is one of the largest underground complexes in the world, with over 32 km of tunnels and more than 120 exterior access points. The Batman would go crazy with our own Batcave and would certainly improve his.

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