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10 Simple Reasons Why The Montreal Expos Should Come Back To The City

Montreal misses baseball and it shows.
10 Simple Reasons Why The Montreal Expos Should Come Back To The City

Photo cred - Patita Pirata

Ever since the Expos left Montreal and became the Washington Nationals in 2004, us Montrealers have missed the team. The city simply isn't the same without having them in town, and we want them back. In honour of Montreal Expos Day, which takes place on July 12th, here's a list of 10 reasons the Expos should come back to Montreal.

1. They Put Montreal on the Map

Of course, we know how great Montreal is, but many people in the States don't know as much about us. The Expos brought publicity to Montreal in places which otherwise wouldn't be hearing about us on a regular basis. If the Expos came back, Americans would get barraged with stories about Montreal on a regular basis all over again.

2. Montrealers Truly Do Love Baseball

Anyone who doubts the potential of the Expos to draw Montreal fans needs only to look at the statistics from the two exhibition games the Blue Jays played earlier this year at Olympic Stadium. In just two games, nearly 100,000 fans packed their way into the park for the chance to see baseball in Montreal again. Just think of how many tickets they could sell if the Expos played on a regular basis.

3. We Can't Let Toronto Be The Only Canadian City with An MLB Team

Toronto still has the Blue Jays, and we don't want them to have any advantages over us. Of course, we know that we're the superior city, but we hate letting them have anything on us. Bringing back the Expos would restore the balance of power between us and Toronto.

4. Montreal is a Great City to Be an Athlete

With all that Montreal has to offer, we certainly wouldn't have any trouble attracting players to come play here. With all of the city's amazing nightlife, beautiful people, and delicious food, what could be a better place to be a young, rich baseball player? The Expos could easily assemble an all-star squad just by pitching the city's perks.

5. We Still Wear the Apparel

One glance at a Montreal street, and you'll see how much Montrealers miss the Expos. On any given day, you can see the streets packed with supporters wearing Expos hats, t-shirts, and more. Clearly, all of these people are looking to have the team back--so why shouldn't they get what they want?

6. They Once Outdrew Both New York Teams

The Expos were often accused of not bringing in enough fans, but the statistics show otherwise. They outdrew the Yankees in the early 80's, and the Mets in the early 90's. We certainly haven't heard anyone seriously talk about moving either of those teams. Bringing the Expos back would also bring back all of those ticket sales.

7. Unfinished Business

Though they've gotten close, the Expos have never won a World Series. Bringing the team back to town would give them more chances, and we know they'd use them well.

8. They Were Good

They may not have ever won a World Series, but the Expos did win quite a bit. From 1979-1983, they won more games than any other National League team. Clearly, they've got a lot of potential, so why not allow them to realize it?

9. 5 á 7's are the Perfect Pre-Game Pre-Drink

The city's amazing 5 á 7 spots would make enjoying the games all the more fun. As we once did, we could get drunk for cheap before watching the Expos kick ass. It would help us savour their victories even more.

10. Youppi!

When baseball lost the Expos, they also lost the coolest mascot in the league. His hilarious red fur and adorable googly eyes made him an favourite with fans everywhere. Not only that, but Youppi was a badass--he was the first mascot to be thrown out of a game, which occurred after he jumped on the roof of the visitor's dugout. Although the Habs adopted him it just doesn't seem right even after several years lol.

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