10 Reasons Why You Become Closer To Your Sister With Age

She's the yin to your yang.
10 Reasons Why You Become Closer To Your Sister With Age

Because they're mini versions of ourselves. I grew up with a sister and I can tell you, there's no greater love and hate relationship than with a sibling, especially of the same gender. You spend the first 10 years of your life in constant battle of who outshines the other to your parents, and ripping each other's hair out for finding those pants you love, in the bottom of their laundry bin.

We tend to forget the perks of having a little sister, (or older sister) when we can finally stand to be around them. For me, it happened when she turned 16, and we've been inseparable ever since. Here's why.

1. The age difference becomes less important as you get older.

The older you get, the less important it is wether you're 4 or 8 years apart. When you were a teenager, just one year changed your mentality and experience from the next. Yet now that you're both passed high school, you share the same life experiences so you can finally relate to one another.

2. Because you’re part of the same generation, you develop the same taste in entertainment.

Movies, music and what you're doing on your weekends tend to be the same. You're most likely going to the same parties/clubs, Netflix to the same shows, and vibe to the same tracks.

3. You have faced many challenges together.

Like taking the perfect selfie! OR moving in together and becoming roomies. You become each other's worse nightmare at times, but at least you faced those times together, and it only made your relationship stronger.

4. You have ample examples of times when she was there for you.

And you know she always will be. A sister can be like a mother sometimes, minus the age gap (and the fact that she didn't give birth to you). You take care of each other, and she is your guardian angel or (the devil on your shoulder).

5. She becomes your ultimate secret keeper.

She knows everything about your life. When you're fighting with your boyfriend, when you're mad at one of your friends, she knows it all. It's also your duty to keep everything to yourself at all times because you're both on the same team.

6. She's always there to cheer you up

With her multiple snaps of your face when you wake up in the morning. Sisters love to catch us at our worse moments and publicize it as form of amusement. At least mine does. Who else would be there to annoy us if not them?

7. You finally understand the expression "sharing is caring".

To its limits, of course. Which we NEVER respect, because that's what sisters are for.

8.  You can finally share your closets, mutually with each other.

Because she's old enough to buy her own clothes! And payback is great.

9. Everyone confuses you for her, and vice versa

You have accepted the fact that people see you as one. Even though you're two different people, with different personalities and styles. Hey, sometimes it's even a compliment.

10. You realize just how boring life would be without them, and that you've become best friends.

I love you sissy!

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