10 Reasons Why You Need A Capricorn Best Friend In Your Life

Cappies for the win.
10 Reasons Why You Need A Capricorn Best Friend In Your Life

I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I've become a bit obsessed with reading zodiac signs. I'm sure you've heard about my love for Pisces, or how Leos are a girls best friend, but my true love remains with Capricorns. They're got such a positive aura and always make me feel right at home.

Incase you didn't know, you are a Capricorn if you are born from December 22nd – January 22nd. Here's why my love for Capricorns will always be...

1. They're loyal

Capricorns are the most faithful out of all the zodiac signs. Once they have made you part of their very small circle of friends, rest assured you will be there forever. They hold a place in their heart for all the ones they love and care about - and lucky for you - your place is safe.

2. They give great advice

Caps are known to be action oriented and very rational people. They are able to separate their emotions from the situation (they have very high emotional intelligence) and think before feeling. They will give you the best advice you can get. Because they think so systematically about everything, they also make great pros and cons lists.

3. They will stand by you through anything

BFFAE! No matter what you do or how badly you fvck up, your Capricorn best friend will always stand by your side. If you've made it in her/his heart you are there to stay. Although they do hold grudges and remember EVERYTHING, they will forgive you and see past it because they always see the best in people.

4. They love to have fun

They work hard and party harder! Capricorns are very serious when it comes to their work and personal accomplishments, but they never let that get in the way of their social life. Whether it's going out with a group of friends, hosting dinners, or more thrilling activities like bungee jumping or sky diving - they're always down for the ride!

5. They've got great social skills

If there's one thing Capricorns are recognized for, it's their great amount of social skills. They can make conversation with just anyone about anything and are easily approachable. They might come off as intimidating to strangers, but once you get to know them you will fall in love with their character traits.

6. They are trust worthy

They will take every secret to the grave! If there's one thing I've learned about the Capricorns in my life, they take trust VERY seriously and will never break it once earned.

7. They will do anything to see you smile

Literally, anything. Surprise you at your house, send chocolates or flowers to your work, go on a spontaneous shopping spree, take you on an adventure, the list goes on and on. They get their happiness from seeing the people around them happy.

8. They're hilarious

HAHAHAHA. <- A common response to a text from a Cappy bestie. If they don't make you laugh, then they will find a way to tickle your pickle. They love to make others smile, especially out loud.

9. They're easy going

They hate stressful situations or negative vibes. They emit a positive energy wherever they go. Cappy's will make the best out of any situation.

10. They have no limits

To how much they give, love and will do for you.

Do you have a Capricorn best friend? Does he/she have these character traits? Tell me all about it: rebecca@mtlblog.com

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