10 Reasons Why You Need A Russian Girlfriend In Your Life

#8 They always have alcohol at their house.
10 Reasons Why You Need A Russian Girlfriend In Your Life

Contrary to popular belief, Russian people are not all cold-hearted alcoholics. We're actually pretty great once you get to know us.

Take advantage of Montreal's multiculturalism and get yourself a Russian girlfriend ASAP. This post is addressed to both girls and guys alike. The truth is,  you absolutely need a Russian girlfriend in your life, you just don't know it yet. So here are 10 reasons why you need a Russian girlfriend in your life.

1. We NEVER Come Over Empty-Handed

If you invite us over for dinner, or something, just know that we'll bring stuff. We'll even call you and ask what you'd like us to get. If you say that we shouldn't bring anything, we'll still bring something. Expect a cake or alcohol or even a gift. How awesome is that? Pretty freaking awesome.

2. We Take Care Of Ourselves

Russian girls put extra effort into looking good. It is almost a way of life for us. Our mothers give us shit if we don't wear high heels when we leave the house. I also think it's pretty safe to say that, in general, Russian girls are known to be beautiful. It's always fun to have a hot girlfriend whether you're a guy or a girl.

3. We Love To Have A Good Time

Russian girls are your best party buddies. It doesn't mean that we're not serious though, don't get me wrong. It means that we can let loose and have a good time when we feel like it. Having fun and enjoying life is part of our culture.

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4. We Will Always Feed You

Food will always be served if you come over to our house. ALWAYS. Even if we just invite you for drinks. Even if you're not hungry and only passing by for five minutes... The moment you step foot inside our house, we immediately force feed you.

5. Russian Parents Are The Best

If you're lucky enough to meet our parents, you'll trip at how cool they are. You'll get to drink a lot of alcohol and it will be socially acceptable, even encouraged! The parents will also force feed you. You've been warned.

6. We're The Friendliest People Once You Pass The Trust Test

You might think that Russian girls are cold or mean, but it's not really the case. Smiling at strangers is not part of our culture, so don't take it personal if a Russian girl gives you the cold shoulder at first. Once she gets to know you, you'll see how friendly and cool Russian girls can be. Patience, my friend.

7. Matryoshkas

You will be fascinated by Russian dolls (Matryoshkas). They're just so beautiful and every Russian girl has a set of these. You can play with them all you want and take photos for your Instagram whenever you please.

8. We Always Have Alcohol At Our House

You know that moment when the SAQ is closed and you run out of alcohol... have no worry! Russian girls always have booze at home. Problem solved and you're welcome.

9. We're Straightforward

You'll never have to wonder what a Russian girl thinks about you, she'll tell you straight up. If she likes you, you'll know it and it's awesome. You won't have to read between the lines with these girls.

10. Russian Accent

You'll fall in love with the Russian accent. Whether you'll love to make fun of it or you'll get turned on by it - it doesn't matter - you'll love it regardless.

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