10 Reasons Why You Need An Italian Boyfriend In Your Life

Mama mia! If there's one thing our beautiful city is FILLED with, it's beautiful men. And the reason is that a big majority of Montreal men are from Italian background. Have you never heard the saying "date Italian, dress Italian, eat Italian?" probably not because I just made it up, but it's for good reason, trust me.

This European culture is filled with la creme de la creme when it comes to their way of living. Everything from the way they dress to the way they talk, is done with class. That's why you need to get yourself a sexy Italian Montreal man ASAP girl, and if you already have one - hold on tight. He's quite the catch for the following reasons:

1. They are stylish

If there's one thing about Italian men, regardless if you come from Campobasso, Calabria, Sicily, or Naples - you have a natural style.

2. They take care of their bodies and/or their hair

EVERY italien man I know either plays soccer, football, or trains. They love to stay fit and play sports, it's in their DNA. If they're not about that "fit life" than they are definitely about that beautiful eyebrows and hair life. So at least they've got that covered.

3. They're very family oriented

Italian men come from very BIG families, with many cousins, aunts and nieces/nephews.

4. They're SO sexy

Do I really have to emphasize on this point?!

5. They can cook, always

and if they can't - their nona can. Regardless, they love good food and enjoy fine dining so your stomach will always be satisfied.

6. They're committed

To their moms. AND their women! Once an Italian man gets married, he is loyal literally until "death do us part". They become the best fathers once they have children, and loving husbands to their wives.

photo cred - @jonnp16

7. The sexy accent

voglio un po di burro. Say it out loud. Say it again. It means "I want butter" but it sounds like you're reciting a poem about love. Everything in Italian sounds entering and mysterious. Oh do we love that accent.

8. They go with their instincts

They are very short tempered, but it proves that they are passionate and care! Yes, their instincts might be to yell and get angry for no reason, but that's okay because they always end up apologizing after and they don't actually mean it, it's just part of their Italian blood.

9. They are passionate

Whether it is about fighting, closing a business deal or about sports and girls. Italian men have this burning desire inside of them and they explore it every single day.

10. They know how to treat their women right.

They were raised by gentlemen and become gentleman when the time is right.