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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Single For Montreal Frosh

F. R. O. S. H. - For Righteous Orientation Start Here.
10 Reasons Why You Should Be Single For Montreal Frosh

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

Get ready Montreal, it’s that time. No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse, well maybe it kind of is. The autumnal debauchery known as Frosh is finally here, where students from all over not only get better acquainted with their fellow classmates, but learn first-hand why Montreal consistently ranks as one of the top university cities in the world.

This wild and colourful rite of passage is a time to make new friends, new memories and if you’re lucky, maybe even some new lovers. Based on hard, scientific research (not scientific research), MTL BLOG has found this is much easier done when flying solo. We give you the top 10 reasons why.

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No Babysitting

Let’s face it, you’re probably more fun than your significant other. You can drink more, party longer, and generally turn up stronger than he/she can. If you’re constantly worrying if your S.O. is having a good time, or is somewhere puking up in their hair, you are not froshing to your full potential.

No Friend Neglecting

It’s a tale as old as time, you get into a relationship and invariably have less time for your friends. Don’t leave your buds hanging because your significant other doesn’t like the club or doesn’t approve of handstand beer bonging.

No Guilt

This is a big one. The last thing you need, well maybe apart from a killer hangover, is a guilt trip. You’re young and eager to explore the student body, so being single means you can make out with anyone you want, anytime you want, guilt-free.


Frosh week is about meeting new people and partying so hard, it makes being disciplined and studious the rest of the semester, or at least the rest of the week, justifiable. The freedom to do so is paramount, and coupledom can be seriously limiting. You want to wander the streets wearing nothing but a bed sheet? No problem!

No Missed Opportunities

Universities organize orientation week for a reason. It’s an opportunity to familiarize you with the city and with other students. FOMO is real, and all the more likely with the ol’ ball & chain weighing you down.

More For You

Many will tell you, sharing is caring. While this is generally sound advice, you’re a student and chances are you don’t have the funds for two. No significant other means all the candy for you!

No Ugly Spats

Trouble in paradise is never fun, especially during Frosh. With all the colours you’ll be painting yourself in the name of student solidarity, dysfunctionality should not be one of them.

More Time to Reflect

With so much to see and do, you will definitely need some serious down time to collect yourself and recharge. This means uninterrupted naps and pizza farts anytime you want.

No Compromising

Relationships are all about give and take, but who wants to compromise when you are trying to get your party on and don’t care who knows it. Besides, you’ll be compromising plenty during finals week.

Crushing is Fun

Maybe you are actually looking for a little romance in your life. Frosh is a great playground to crush on someone new with no strings attached. After all, YOLO baby!

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Photo cred - Shawn Kristofor Bennett Photography

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