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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Single On Valentine's Day

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Single On Valentine's Day

I know what you're thinking - Valentine's Day, when you're single, is just an all-around bad time. Surrounded by couples who are 'so in love', it's just a reminder that you are not. Take it from someone who has been single for a good number of Valentine's Days, we are the lucky ones. In fact, after reading this list, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of lovebirds suddenly decided that it would be much better if they were unattached on February 14th.

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Expectations Suck

You know exactly what I mean. On Valentine's Day, you have to impress your significant other immensely. Granted, we did give you a lot of options for the best date ever and the best Valentine's meal ever. But we all know that there's a lot more to it than that - flowers, chocolates, jewelry, to name a few. From the second you meet up with your date, you have to woo and impress. Doesn't that sound so exhausting? When you're single on Valentine's Day, you can focus on impressing yourself and only yourself, no strings or expectations attached. Sounds liberating, doesn't it?

Discount Candy & Chocolate

You may not know this, but February 15th is the real day of love. All of the candy that the rest of you suckers paid big bucks for is now on sale - at ridiculously cheap prices. Here's the plan: walk into Dollarama or a grocery store, buy all of the candy, go home, get into sweats, and proceed to eat all of the candy. Result of this plan: pure, exquisite happiness.

Side effects may include a really bad stomach ache and a desire to never, ever be in a relationship again.

More Dollah Bills For You!

This is possibly the BEST reason to be single on Valentine's Day. No gifts, no hotel rooms, no dinner dates, no new outfits = more money in your pocket (except for the small amount you're putting aside to buy discount candy the next day, duh).

Please use caution when making it rain with loonies and toonies.

No Primping

Let it be known throughout the land that the night before Valentine's Day is, quite possibly, one of the most painful nights of the year for men and women everywhere. We all do it - devote a good portion of our Valentine's Day preparations to extensive primping. We dump hot wax all over our poor selves, barely eat so that we can look extra "slim" and then, stuff our bodies into our special outfits/lingerie/shoes. Ironically, most people spend Valentine's Day with someone that has seen them on regular, non-holiday days. The argument is: "I want to do something nice for my little love monkey". Cool - have fun torturing your body for one night of, often debatable, fun. Us single ladies and gents will be over here, enjoying our pain-free existence and maybe even laughing... just a little bit.

Best Singles Night

No, I don't mean one of those "singles mixers", though with the right friends, those can be a blast. On Valentine's Day, due to no fancy dinners and too much alcohol, singles all over the city will be roaming the bar scene for some companionship. Grab your best (unattached) friends and treat yourselves to a night on the town. Be on the lookout for another group of singles that you can hang out with. Best icebreakers: celebrating single life, laughing at couples who are 'in love' and discussing the many benefits of being #foreveralone. Feel free to print out this list and bring it with you.

Go Old School - Be A Secret Admirer!

Remember when we were in elementary school and we used to give everyone in our class one of those really cute Valentine's Day cards? I have news for you - you don't have to be 8 years old to buy them. I know, it's shocking. If there's someone that gets your heart racing and they just don't know it, pick up one of these cards and send it to them - preferably by snail mail, for that extra old school charm. If not, then send a whole bunch of them to your favorite people.

Moral High Ground

There's one thing worse than those super obsessed with each other couples on Valentine's Day and that's the "OMG, this holiday is so commercialized" group of people who always appear out of nowhere to ruin the spirits of those in love. However, due to the fact that you're single, you can easily get away with being one of those people. In fact, you can claim that you are single solely because Valentine's Day is such a consumer joke and your morals won't let you worship such a holiday. Make a drinking game out of it - for every couple that you offend, take a shot.

Quality Time With Your Fave Person

Honestly, the most important person in your world is the one you should be spending time loving and cherishing this Valentine's Day. That person is YOU. Make this Valentine's Day one for the books - spend the whole day treating yourself like the royalty that you are!

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