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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't 'Netflix And Chill'

The thirst is real.
10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't 'Netflix And Chill'

It's safe to say that our generation is defined by "Netflix and Chill". We don't do actual dates anymore, we get invited over to watch movies. While "Netflix and Chill" could totally be a good thing, most of the time it's not.

Urban dictionary defines this popular slang as going over to someone's house and getting down and dirty while Netflix is playing in the background. What's wrong with that, you ask? A lot of things. Let me explain why you should avoid "Netflix and Chill" at all cost.

1. It makes casual hookups seem OK

If you're an alpha-female and you're totally cool with casual sexual relationships, that's great. Most women I meet value meaningful relationships, though. By attending "Netflix and Chill" sessions, we encourage our generation to think that these sort of things are totally fine... If you're missing depth in your love life, you can start by eliminating "Netflix and Chill", that could definitely help.

2. It's advocating promiscuity

An unselective approach to sexual relationships is what our generation is moving towards. While some people might be totally satisfied with this kind of direction, there are a lot of us who still prefer a more responsible way of dating. Love life should be more than just meaningless hook-ups.

3. It makes actual dating lose its value

By endorsing "Netflix and Chill" practices, we move further and further away from "real" dating. Remember when a man would pick up his date to go have dinner with her?

4. It makes girls look bad

As laid back as guys sound about this subject, most still judge a girl who comes over for a "Netflix and Chill" session. We're obviously trying to battle gender inequality... Like, if a guy sleeps with a bunch of girls, he's a stud, but if it's the other way around - the girl is a slut. Yes, I know, not everyone thinks this way, but it's still a very popular misconception. Agreeing to "Netflix and Chill" can very well contribute to her bad reputation.

5. It's ruining everything for people who actually want to just chill and watch movies

What if someone actually just wants to chill and watch a movie? Huh? You'll seriously kill the vibe for a person who doesn't understand the sexual context of your offer.

6. It's killing romance

If, nowadays, dating life comes down to coming over to fuck (pardon my language, it is what it is), then this kind of dating world has no place for romance, obviously. Chivalry and courtship is dying because of us. We're killing these things with our own bare hands.

7. It doesn't count as a real date

Ladies, if you've been talking to a guy and he texts you this around 10pm, "Netflix and Chill?" - he's not asking you out on a date. I repeat, it is NOT a date invitation. He wants to put his D in and around your mouth and that's about it.

8. It gives false hopes to those involved

Even though I've mentioned that "Netflix and Chill" is not an actual date (see #7), certain specimens (more often than not of the female kind) believe that a few Netflix sessions mean "OMG, we're totally dating". As a result, they build false expectations that don't get backed up by real life events. Finally, they're left heart broken and alone after they realize the harsh reality of the situation. That is NOT cool.

9. It encourages guys to not put any efforts

By settling for "Netflix and Chill", girls remove the need for guys to "conquer" them. You literally throw yourself on male genitalia. As a result, guys don't want to put any efforts into seducing girls anymore... If one chick rejects his "Netflix and Chill" offer, he doesn't try harder. Instead, he simply moves on to the next target.

10. The only time "Netflix and Chill" is acceptable is...

When you're cool with all of the above consequences.

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