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10 Reasons You Need To Date A Russian Guy At Least Once In Your Life

You don't have to like vodka.
10 Reasons You Need To Date A Russian Guy At Least Once In Your Life

Have you ever thought of dating a Russian guy? You should totally give it a try. Take advantage of Montreal's multiculturalism and flirt with a man of Russian descent. You will be smitten with how different they are from the kind of guys you're used to dating.

There is a widespread rumor saying that Russian men are not very good looking, do not pay attention to this unfair generalization. There are a lot of handsome Russian men out there. But you shouldn't care about superficial things like looks anyway, right? So here are 10 realities of dating a Russian guy.

1. He will always want to pick you up

He will want to come and pick you up with his car to take you out on a date every single time. Russian guys won't let you take the bus or drive to come see them...

2. He will never let you pay

Going dutch is something Russian guys are extremely uncomfortable with. Sure, they will love to hear you offer to split the bill, but they will never actually let you do it.

3. He will make you feel feminine

Some Montreal girls prefer to stay gender neutral in their tasks within a couple. However, if you like more traditional roles, Russian men are for you! He will make you feel like a delicate flower by taking over all of the rough and "manly" responsibilities.

4. He will take your relationship seriously

You'll never hear a Russian guy say things like, "Make money, fuck bitches!" They're serious, respectful and humble.

5. He will want to meet your family

If your ex was pulling a disappearing act every time you wanted him to meet your parents, then a Russian guy will be like a breath of fresh air. If your relationship is serious enough, he will actually want to meet your family.

6. He actually wants to get married and have kids

Russian guys a little old fashioned like that and it's amazing. A lot of men I meet tell me that they hate children or that they don't believe in marriage... well, Russian men want to get married and have kids. Their mothers legit pressure them to find a nice girl on a daily basis.

7. He will want to protect you

When you date a Russian guy, you become his "baby". He wants to always make sure that you're safe and happy. He'll tell you to dress well if it's cold outside and call you every 2 minutes to find out if you got home alright from your class.

8. He will bring you flowers for no reason

Russian guys know that women love flowers. He'll surprise you with a gorgeous bouquet for absolutely no reason and you will love it.

9. He has a funny accent

You will love his Russian accent. He will sound like your personal "Russian gangster".

10. He will go out of his way to make you happy

He puts his better half's priorities first. It's very common to see Russian men drive really shitty cars, but their wives are driving Porsches and Mercedes' or something. They provide for the wife and kids first and foremost.

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