10 Reasons You Should Date A Montreal Model

Um, 'cause they're hot?!
10 Reasons You Should Date A Montreal Model

Montreal is a wonderful city full of beautiful people. Having traveled quite a bit, I can assure you that Montreal girls are exceptionally hot. We're like the epitome of hotness in North America, I'm not even kidding.

The amount of gorgeous girls in our city makes it a perfect place for modeling agencies to thrive. Not sure where to find a model? Here are a bunch of Montreal spots where models hang out. Why would you want to date a model, you ask? Why would you not want to date a model! I can think of so many reasons you should date people of this wonderful profession... here are 10 reasons off the top of my head.

1. They're, obviously, hot

That one's pretty obvious. Models are generally more good looking than average human beings and it's great, of course.

2. They're well traveled

Models get to travel around the world, experience different cultures and see different things. They have tons of fun stories and crazy life events. You'll be fascinated with their jet set lifestyle.

3. They're generally not broke

It shouldn't surprise you - models do get paid more than an average Montreal worker, especially if they're in demand.

4. They're organized

Being a model is not all glamour and fashion. It's hard work, long hours and sleepless nights. In order to be successful in this business, they need to stay focused and serious.

5. They get a lot of free stuff

Clothes, food, shoes, jewelry... Models get spoiled on a daily basis. Hey, if you tag along, you might totally get free shit as well! Score!

6. They have no problem getting into cool places

You know when there's a huge lineup in front of a Montreal club and you really want to get in without having to wait... Well, if you're dating a model - this is never going to be an issue. It's like Montreal bouncers have a sixth sense that allows them to spot models and let them in.

7. They have hot friends

Models hang out with other models, that's just how life goes. They spend endless hours at photo shoots together and end up befriending each other. Your crew will look really good, that's for sure.

8. You'll want to show them off to your friends

Your ego will thank you. You'll feel exceptionally cocky and confident, because dating a model is pretty fucking hot. It's basically like a real life accomplishment on its own.

9. You'll be proud to see them on billboards

Imagine seeing your bae on a billboard and thinking to yourself, "I get to wake up to this!"

10. You'll get to attend exclusive parties

Models get invited to exclusive fashion events with designers, celebrities and other artsy people. Regular Montrealers don't even know such parties exist... so you'll be part of the cool crew.

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