10 Reasons You Should Love Your Belly Fat

Spoiler alert: beauty does not have a weight limit.
10 Reasons You Should Love Your Belly Fat

Strict beauty standards are so deeply entrenched in our society that we tend to forget that all bodies are beautiful.

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No matter which size you fit in, it's sometimes hard to deal with our complexities, but since our bodies literally work for us, we better start loving them the way that they are.

This list presents you the 10 reasons you should start celebrating your lovely love handles.

1. You Own It, You Rock It

The most amazing thing about your body is that it is truly unique. Every scar, every love handle is full of experience and is part of you.

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2. Extra Cushion

Your belly fat is the best pillow for your significant other's head when you cuddle.

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3. It Is Your Home

It can happen to anyone to feel a little weird with her body, but we must remember that you are stuck with it for the rest of your life, so you better start loving it now.

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4. Scientist Are Still Debating The Benefits Of Fat

While some studies are still debating whether or not it is dangerous to be overweight, most of them agree that fitness is a priority, and not being thin. So you can shamelessly rock your love handles at the gym because science's got your back.

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5. Your Happiness Counts More Than Your Size

You should never feel guilty for treating yourself to some unhealthy treats if it makes you feel good. After all, wouldn't breakups be useless without the holy ice cream?

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6. Confidence Is Sexy

Everyone can agree that nothing is more attractive than someone who’s confident.

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7. Flab Is Fun And You Should Be Comfortable In It

You have to be comfortable in your own skin if you want to put people at ease around you.

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8. You'll Live Longer

According to some studies, overweight people tend to live longer than "normal-sized" individuals. That gives you more years to enjoy your daily croissant.

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9. Work Out To Be Healthy Not Skinny

You should be able to go to the gym to feel the endorphin kicking in and have fun. Your body can do amazing things, and being strong is one of them.

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10. As A wise Tumblr User Once Said: "The Thicker Your Thighs Are The More Kittens Can Lay On Your Lap

And we all know that you cannot be unhappy when you have little furry creatures on your lap.

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