10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Need To Watch Out For

If they're weird about their phone, it's a red flag.
10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Need To Watch Out For

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Unhealthy relationships are something almost all of us have gone through. Whether it was just a hook up buddy, or a long-term love, we’ve all had someone try to screw with our head. Sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening. But when you see some of these signs, take a step back, and ask yourself if your relationship is going sour.

1. Rude To Service People

Little attributes such as this really show the character of the person you’re with. If they can’t treat a person they don’t know with respect, how do you expect them to treat you with respect? Generally when people are mean to customer service workers, it’s because they are looking for a power trip.

2. Isolates You

Couples hang out a lot. It’s normal to want to spend time with your significant other. I mean you’re dating them so it would be weird if you didn’t. However, when your partner has a problem with you making time for your friends and family, then it becomes an issue. Just because you’re in a relationship should not mean you have to sacrifice friendships.

3. Shitty Group Of Friends

You don’t have to love all of you S.O’s friends. You don’t even really have to like them, though it is a bonus; all that matters is that they aren’t awful people. For instance, if you don’t want to hang out with your boyfriend and his friends because they are playing video games you don’t like, that is totally reasonable. But if you’re not chillin’ with them because they make you feel uncomfortable, than that is something to talk about.

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4. Creating Pressure

Okay, listen up because this is oh so prudent: You don’t have to do ANYTHING you’re not comfortable with, whether you are in a relationship or not. A partner should encourage you to expand your horizons and try new things. But if they’re pressuring you to leave your comfort zone when you aren’t ready, then that is not cool in the slightest. This can be anything from kissing in public, to not wearing a condom. You have ownership over your body, not them. So work it.

5. Inability To Compromise

Compromising is everything. No one should get their way constantly, that’s not how life works. So if your S.O. becomes whiny and moody when you say you don’t want to get Chinese food for dinner, then they need to grow the eff up.

6. Doesn’t Want To Meet Your Parents

I get the nervousness around meeting the parents, but it’s not something that can’t be handled. Complete refusal to meet your parents is just straight up weird. Especially if you’ve been going out for a while.

7. Overly Protective Towards Phone

It doesn’t matter who you are, a phone addict or not, anyone your in a relationship with should be able to leave their phone, unlocked, with you. I’m not saying that you should go checking their text messages, because that displays distrust, which is kryptonite to any relationship. There should however, be enough mutual trust to step away from the phone. If not, it’s a red flag.

8. Holds Grudges

Anyone who holds a grudge is really not a good person to spend your time with. Holding a grudge equals not being able to let go. This means there is some kind of emotional block, stunting them from growing, and moving on. This has the potential to be super harmful relationship - wise because they may begin to hold things over your head.

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9. Weird About Money

This depends on the relationship of course. But again, it comes down to the problem of being uncomfortable. If your partner won’t let you pay for anything, but makes the argument that they “do so much for you”, it’s a problem. Or if they are constantly making you pay for things, and make a big deal when they finally pull out their wallet, it is also a no – no. Set clear boundaries. That is the only way this issue can be avoided.

10. One Sided Conversations

The person you’re dating should obviously give a shit about your life. People can become a little self-centered when there is someone to listen to all their whims and qualms. If your voice is not being heard then say something! It takes two to tango, and you need to be listened to as well.