10 Montreal Restaurants On Notre-Dame Street W To Eat At If You Haven't Already

There's some seriously good eats on this street.

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It seems these days, you can't throw a stone on Notre-Dame Street without hitting a great restaurant. Everyone knows this area is home to the world-famous Joe Beef and Liverpool House, but Little Burgundy offers many other excellent restaurants serving up some seriously delicious eats not be overlooked, including quite a few already-popular newcomers. With so many tasty options out there to chose from, it's easy to see why many Montrealers are now making Notre-Dame Street West a primary foodie destination.

Tuck Shop

4662 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Tuck Shop continues to be a top pick for foodies and critics alike and for good reason. With its inviting country-style vibe like large common tables, washboards on the walls, and cloth towels in the bathrooms, Tuck Shop's menu can best be described as a mix of classic French bistro, Italian, and American comfort-food. The chalkboard menu constantly features new and highly creative specials, and the super friendly staff make you feel right at home.



4634 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

You can find coffee/sandwich shops pretty much all over the city, but Campanelli does it with a fresh and unique style all of their own. More Italian neighbourhood cafe than proper sit-down restaurant, but passing over this place would definitely be a mistake. The coffee here alone is something exceptional, but it's the dreamy sandwiches with pillowy-soft bread and enough toppings to fill your belly and then some, that will keep you coming back for more. Campanelli also carry some pretty sweet threads and merchandise if you're looking to top up your style while grabbing some grub.

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4450 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Chō, which is Japanese for butterfly btw, recently celebrated its first anniversary, and we're betting there will be quite a few more to come. This asian fusion tapas spot delivers on wild flavours and a cool, laid-back atmosphere. With multiple mind-blowing menu items to choose from, your taste buds will be thanking you with every bite.

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3426 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

In case you were wondering what it stood for, EVOO means Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the young, driven team behind this upscale bistro has definitely elevated the level of this particular block of Notre-Dame. A menu that strives to offer as many seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients as possible, and everything here is made in house. You'll find impeccable service thanks to a well-trained and experienced staff, and along with all the amazing cocktails and desserts they offer, EVOO does a stellar brunch that comes with their homemade NutellOO, totally better than the real thing!

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Burgundy Lion

2496 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

If you've never grabbed some grub and a pint at the Burgundy Lion before, you need to get on that asap. Montreal's favourite British pub, the Burgundy Lion prides itself on a killer whisky selection as well as spot on, traditionaly British, pub-grub fare. The staff are friendly, the portions are generous and the Burgundy Lion is a great place to catch a rowdy Habs game with some friends.

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1964 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Junior's is a relative newcomer to the Dame Street, only opening back in November 2014, but an extremely welcome addition to be sure. One of the few restaurants dishing up some legit Filipino food in the city, the vibrant colours and old Makati aesthetics will help draw you in, but it's the expertly prepared meals and enticing flavours that truly shine. If you've never tried Filipino food before, say hello to Junior.

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1708 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

As the name kind of implies, Grinder is definitely suited for the carnivores. Fat steaks, tasty tartares, clean carpaccios, Grinder also prepares a wide range of delicious fish dishes and offers a really decent wine list to wash it all down. The vibe and decor definitely fits the Griffintown crowd, think tattooed sommeliers and bearded waiters, which is maybe not up everyone's alley, but the great food and lively ambiance here always make for a good time

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3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Another new kid on the block, since Sumac opened, it has pretty much satisfied every single client that's walked through the door. Quite possibly the best falafel in the city, but falafel aside, Sumac does exceptional, authentic Middle-Eastern food with amazing quality found throughout the menu. The best way to experience all the flavour is to order a bit of everything and share it family-style.

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4001 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Ludger borrows its name from the early-1900s architect who designed the Atwater Market, and you'll find a few other historical nods infused into Ludger's decor. There's no real set style of food here, but instead a chalkboard menu full of rich and playful dishes we're sure you'll love. While it's easy to think that Ludger's casual setting borders on the dive bar, the attention to detail, quality ingredients, and fancy drinks list make it anything but.

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Photo cred - Patrice - Pâtissier

Patrice - Pâtissier

2360 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Montreal is home to its fair share of celebrity chefs, including pastry pro, Patrice Demers. Having made some of the city's finest desserts at critically acclaimed restaurants such as Laloux and Les 400 Coups, as well as finding much commercial success with numerous pastry books and a cooking show, the skilled pastry chef decided to finally strike out on his own and open his own culinary boutique. Apart from the sublime desserts Demers is known for, you'll also find a tidy selection of gourmet sandwiches and salads that act as a worthy precursor.

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