Those of you who live in St. Leo, do you even know how lucky you are? Seriously. Not only is St. Leonard centrally located, close to the Met, and just an awesome community in general - but there's also everything you could ever need right in your back yard. Case in point? Places to go on a date. I know, I know, when you think of romantic spots to take someone on a date, maybe St. Leo doesn't immediately spring to mine. But it should, my friends. It should. Curious as to why? Well, luckily I've got 10 places (and reasons) to feed your curiosity.

1. La Bella Italiana

5884 Jean-Talon E

Okay, friends, here's a little warning. I know it can be super tempting to share a meal, Lady and the Tramp style. But don't do it. Not here. The food is so legit and delicious that if you attempt to share one of their awesome pizzas (fresh from their wood-burning oven), it's going to start an argument. And nobody wants that on date night. Thankfully, the atmosphere is so lively and romantic that your S.O. just might forgive you when you lunge for that last piece of Boscaiola pizza without really asking them. But still. Play it safe and pick one of their mouthwatering dishes for your own.


2. Salut, Bonjour!

5169 Jean-Talon E

Salut, Bonjour! serves legit breakfast food, and if you've never been on a breakfast date then you've never lived. Seriously. There is nothing on this earth more romantic than having a deep discussion over omelettes. Luckily, the omelettes at Salut, Bonjour! are so amazing that you just might fall in love. Except with eggs. Which is still pretty okay in my book. Bonus points? Salut, Bonjour! just so happens to offer a plate for two that includes waffles, and fruit, and marshmallows. Remember when I said there was nothing more romantic than having a deep discussion over waffles? I lied. The only thing more romantic is sharing your delicious breakfast food.


3. Radikal Dezzertz

8460 Boulevard Lacordaire

Alright, straight up, if you've never tried the ice cream at Radikal, stop everything and go right now. Okay. Now that you've done that, look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't be down to treat your date to something so magical. You can't, can you? While Radikal is the perfect solution when you want to go on an ice cream date (AKA the best type of date), you might also want to try one of their signature churros. You can share it with your date too, if you don't lose all control and end up eating the whole thing.


Photo cred - Cafe Milano - Montreal

4. Cafe Milano

5188 Jarry Est

If you're from St. Leo - or anywhere in Montreal, actually - then the chances are high that you know about Milano's. And chances are high that you know exactly why you'd take your date there, too. But just for good measure, let me remind you about their relaxing atmosphere, delicious coffees, authentic Italian sausage sandwiches, and delicious cannoli. If that doesn't convince you and your date to go run down to Milano's for a chill coffee date, then maybe the beautiful terrasse will.


5. La Belle Et La Boeuf

7999 Galeries d'Anjou

So, La Belle Et La Boeuf is technically in Anjou. But it's in the Gals; so while it's not really St. Leo, it's still super close. Plus, it's probably the perfect place if you and your date enjoy flaming shots of absinthe, unique hamburgers, lobster mac and cheese, and awesome music. While La Belle Et La Boeuf might not be as intimate as some of the other places on this list - trust me, one visit here is a guaranteed good time.


6. Phuket

4673 Jarry E

How excited are you when your S.O. suggests a sushi date? My guess is very. Very excited. But, friends, prepare to reach new heights of enthusiasm once you and your date try out Phuket. Is it really that good? Yes - better, even. The sushi is amazing; the Thai food is out of this world delicious; and the decor is just intimate and contemporary enough to seriously impress your date. Triple win, friends. Triple win.


7. Hawgs Deli

6795 Jarry E

First and foremost, Hawgs is open 24/7. Which means that if you and your date have conflicting schedules, you don't need to worry. Second awesome point? Hawgs is like a food paradise. If you're feeling smoked meat but your date is down for a pizza, then they got your back. What if you're feeling some 2 A.M. breakfast, but your date straight up wants a poutine? Don't worry. They got you too. Add in a cozy atmosphere and a pretty awesome bar, and you've got yourself a recipe for a super fun date.


8. Yoko

4747 Jean-Talon E

Yoko describes itself as a sushi lounge, and if that doesn't automatically scream "good time" then I don't know what will. Seriously. If taking your date to a lounge that also serves sushi (and Korean barbecue) doesn't score you major creativity points, then one look at their fresh, delicious and unique dishes will. If you and your date are a fan of having fun while gulping down some legit sashimi, don't hesitate, take your date... to Yoko. (See what I did there? Yeah? Okay, I know, I'll stop.)


Resto Montreal - Luce Resto Bar

9. Luce

5152 Jarry E

Has a place ever been so enjoyable that it was a pretty big factor in the success of your date? If not, you've never been to Luce. Or you're a great person to go on a date with, but that's not what this is about. With its awesome terrasse, amazing food, and glorious bar, Luce pretty much knocks the "great date" criteria right out of the park. Bonus points for an atmosphere that's equal parts trendy, fun and friendly. Sidenote: get the calamari, try to remember you're not meant to fall in love with food. Fail miserably.


Photo cred - Les Restaurants ZIBO (7999, boul. des Galeries d'Anjou, Montreal)

10. Zibo!

7999 Galeries d Anjou

Okay, situation. You've gone on a shopping date with someone you're interested in. Or, hey, maybe even your bf/gf. You've shopped. You've had a great time. Now what? Enter Zibo. Not only does its location make it the perfect post shopping date, but its awesome food and drinks make it a surefire way to impress pretty much anyone. Your awesome date included. Suggestion time: try the salmon tartare, and get yourself (and your date) a Bloody Caesar. #Perfection.


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