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10 Restaurants Where You Can Eat For Under $10 In Montreal's Plateau

Treat yourself, and your wallet.

Are you sick of cooking for yourself but don't feel like spending a fortune on food? I know that dilemma all too well. Thankfully, Montreal has ton of options when it comes to getting some affordable eats. You can indulge in a meal out on the town or get some amazing delivery for cheap at these 10 Plateau locations. From Venezuelan cuisine to American comfort food, the following restaurants offer variety for surprisingly cheap!

1. Arepera

There's nothing like a taste of South America to liven up a chilly Montreal day! Arepera du Plateau makes absolutely delicious sandwiches with everything from grilled vegetables with cheese to shark... and everything is gluten free! And you've been warned: this place takes hot sauce seriously.


2. L'Gros Luxe

Don't be fooled by the bougie atmosphere - L'Gros Luxe has surprisingly cheap food, ranging from tacos to banana splits. Their drinks are cheap and delicious, too! With four elegantly designed locations, including one in the Plateau, nostalgic L'Gros Luxe is both convenient and affordable.


Photo cred- Omnivore

3. Omnivore

A classic choice when you're going for a healthy, inexpensive, and fast Middle Eastern inspired meal. Get a heaping of vegetables with the vegetarian plate or a fish sandwich with fresh pita bread. And make sure you don't miss out on the hummus and garlic sauce!


4. La Panthère Verte

Though their smoothie prices are pretty steep (not that this should stop you), La Panthère Verte offers a great salad plate that changes daily and some of the best falafel in the city. Their two locations (one near Concordia the other in the Plateau) have a varied and all vegetarian menu. It's a great place to eat out without breaking the bank.


5. Velo Burrito

Want to eat something delicious but don't particularly want to leave the couch? Velo Burrito delivers right to your door, surprisingly by bike, and has everything from healthy vegetarian options to poutine burritos. You can also opt for a gluten free burrito bowl, which is equally delicious.


6. Patati Patata

Patati Patata wins the award for high-brow fast food that is equally delicious whether you're drunk or sober. Grilled cheese or poutine at 1 am or full breakfast with a side of bacon at 11? Patati Patata is the best (and cutest) place there is.


7. Else's

With classic American food and a myriad of drink options, Else's is the perfect spot for splitting a big pitcher of sangria and some bison burgers for cheap. Though you can keep the bill pretty low, the alluring atmosphere (green walls and dim lighting) are going to make you want another beer and some fries for sure.


8. Santropol

Santropol is the perfect stop for a sandwich made with fresh homemade bread, a massive salad, or that milkshake you've been craving. Want it at 9:30 pm? No problem. This place is open late.


9. Aux Vivres

A great vegan restaurant for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, Aux Vivres offers cheap, healthy brunch every weekend and great salads and sandwiches throughout the week. Leave your assumptions about tofu and tempeh at the door because this place is delicious! For the lazy readers out there, they also deliver!


10. Tacos y Tortas

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Montreal, Tacos y Tortas serves up exactly what you'd imagine: delicious tacos and tortas. Tortas, a kind of Mexican sandwich, are also a yummy and affordable alternative to the tacos. The perfect companion for a strong margarita made with 100% agave tequila!


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