10 Road Trips You Can Take From Montreal On One Tank Of Gas

You can get farther than you think!
10 Road Trips You Can Take From Montreal On One Tank Of Gas

According toGood Car Bad Car, the top selling car of 2017 in Canada was a Honda Civic. The gas milage of Honda Civic in the city is 28 miles/gallon and on the highway it's 42 miles/gallon giving an average of 35 miles/gallon.

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Multiply this by the size of the gas tank, which is 12.4 gallons and you get 434 miles! This means that with the most popular car in Canada, you can drive 698 km by filling up your tank just once! 

So, where can you actually go with that one tank of gas? This may seem like a silly question, but sometimes it's nice to take a road trip without that added pressure of filling up the tank a hundred times along the way. The picture below shows the actual radius of 698 km from the heart of Montreal

I've done all the math for you so you won't have to worry about it at all! Here's the top road trips you can take from Montreal using just one tank of gas. (You'll have to fill up again on the way back though!) 

1. Take A Trip Out To The Coast Of Portland, Maine 

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Distance: 674 km away

The coast of Maine is known for it's beauty and you can actually get there on just one take of gas. It's cutting it pretty close so try to stay on the highway as much as possible. But once you're there you'll have serene views and amazing seafood!

2. Take A Trip Out To Boston, Massachusetts 

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Distance: 494 km away

Boston is an awesome city, bustling with action and full of cool things to see and do. Explore the Harvard University campus or wind through the cobble stone streets that aren't on an actual city grid!

3. Take A Trip Out To Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario  

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Distance: 440 km away

Algonquin Park in Ontario is known for it's beauty and peaceful camping sites! If you're looking for a park to go camping for a weekend than this is definitely the one! It won't even take you more than 1 stop at a gas station along the way.

4. Take A Trip Out To Hautes-Gorges-De-La-Riviere-Malbaie National Park, Quebec 

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Distance: 416 km away

This gorgeous national park right here in Quebec has some seriously stunning pictures. If you hike up to the tallest peak you get these gorgeous views of the river below you! You can also rent kayaks, canoes and go camping here.

5. Take A Trip Out To Toronto, Ontario

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Distance: 540 km away

Who knew it would only take you one tank of gas in your Honda Civic to get to Toronto from Montreal? I sure didn't but apparently it's totally realistic! Explore the country's biggest and most bustling city in just one short road trip.

6. Take A Trip Out To Niagra Falls, Ontario 

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Distance: 667 km away

Niagra Falls is one of the world's 7 natural wonders and it's pretty clear why. It's almost unbelievable when you see it up close and personal. Take a ride under the falls on the Maid of Mist or just view them from the lookout point and stay dry! Either way you'll get to experience something amazing here.

7. Take A Trip Out To Franconia Ridge, New Hampshire 

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Distance: 302 km away

This gorgeous hiking trail in New Hampshire made it to the top of National Geographic's list of top hiking trails in the world and guess what? It will only take you 1 tank of gas to get there! It takes you over two mountain peaks for insane views way up in the clouds!

8. Take A Trip Out To Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario

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Distance: 376 km away

This gorgeous beach in Ontario is filled with rolling sand banks on shore and sand dunes in the water. It's perfect for a beach day road trip with your friends to chill, relax and soak up some sun before the summer ends!

9. Take A Trip Out To Rattlesnake Pool, Maine

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Distance: 362 km away

This bright blue pool is almost too surreal, but it actually exists in Maine! Hike through Evan's Notch at Blueberry Mountain to find this hidden gem in the middle of the forest. You'll dip into the clearest water you've ever seen for a refreshing afternoon dip. Don't worry, there's no actual rattlesnakes hunting these waters!

10. Take A Trip Out To Lac Saint Jean, Quebec 

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Distance: 477 km away

Lac Saint Jean is one of the most stunning lakes in all of Quebec and it's not even that far away! You can rent kayaks and canoes to experience the beauty of the lake, book a campsite, or admire it from the shoreline.

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