10 Rules Of Being A Good Wingman - Here's My Perspective

I got you, bro.
10 Rules Of Being A Good Wingman - Here's My Perspective

The art of seduction is one of many tactics and systematic rules that with time have been altered  to make the smooth talkers stand out from the creepers. If you've read The Game by Neil Strauss, then you understand the importance of having a good wingman on a night out.  From acquiring knowledge and hands on experience on the subject, here's what I found out about  the perfect co-pilot.

A Good wingman:

1. Understands that picking up isn't a competition but a team effort.

Men like to travel in troops, and they also like to conquer together. Great wingmen see the bigger picture, some nights one wingman will be successful and on other nights the other will. The key to a good game is to know that you win some and you lose some, therefore, the combined accumulation of numbers is more important to them than the one they have for themselves.

2. Gets the same satisfaction from getting some or knowing that you got some.

It's just as important for them to see their friends picking up, and succeeding, just as much as when they do. Sharing is caring guys!

3.Can read situations intuitively.

They don't need to verbally communicate when working together, they do so by instinct.

4. Does not overstep his boundaries.

Guys have this "bro code" of boundaries and rules that only they understand. It's important to respect these unspoken rules, just like if one guy is having a conversation with a girl, let him do his work. Don't interrupt or try to get in.

5. Understands that the one who approaches the girl first gets to select the girl to hit on first.

First come first served. It's that simple.

6. Is Ready and willing to have a conversation with anybody and everybody.

He's not shy, and will make conversation when need be.

7. Doesn't get jealous.

He needs to remember that there's no need to get personal. It's all fun and games. You're enjoying your night out with your buddies, and as a good wingman you know that and are in it to enjoy, nobody should be keeping score of the game.

8. Is willing to boost your confidence when you strike out.

It happens that you're going to get turned down at least once in the dating game. A good wingman will be there to bring you back up and make sure you remember that you're still the man.

9. Can be a good wingman for both sexes.

Whether he's picking up for his guy or girl best friend, a good wingman can adjust to any crowd or environment.

10. Never says no to a potential night out.

Lastly, he's a trooper and will never leave you hanging in time of need.