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10 Sex & Gender Classes You Should Take At Concordia University Next Semester

Appearing in books, the church and Ireland!
10 Sex & Gender Classes You Should Take At Concordia University Next Semester

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There is no pushing it back; course registration dates are quickly approaching. We have a little over a month before we’re signing up for our courses for the Fall semester. Eeep! If you’re stuck on what to take, my general rule is to take a gender or sexuality course. Not because these courses are “sexy”, far from it actually, but because gender and sexuality are such prevalent issues in our society, you can honestly never learn too much. Concordia is a great asset if you’re interested in learning about these topics , because they have crazy array of courses that cover the issues of gender and sexuality (separately and together), that are made available to you. It’s just a click away dear chum.

1. Intro To Sexuality Research (INTE275) / (FASS291)

We previously mentioned this course in another article regarding Concordia classes, which you should also check out. But to give you the gist, this course is a general look in to human sexuality. You watch, read and discuss all questions that revolve around sex, such as identity and cultural stigmas.

2. Sexuality in History (HIST 346)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the roots of sexuality is explained to you in Sexuality in History. Okay, maybe not everything, that would be impossible. However the course covers a time span of the Ancient world to the 20th century, and a geographical map of the Western world, Asia and Africa. The outline revolves around cultural differences in marital sexuality, same-sex relationships and sexual violence. So I’d say while maybe this class can’t cover it all, it covers a hell of a lot.

3. Gender and Sexuality in Literary Studies (ENGL 393)

Hello there avid readers of feminist and queer theory, I have a course for you that’ s going to make your semester. ENGL 393 takes the terms “gender” and “sexuality” and looks at them through a historical and literary lens. You get to read authors like Judith Butler and Michel Foucault. Legit, ya’ll are gonna have to fight me for a spot in this class.

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4. Sexuality in the History of Religions (RELI 380)

Religion and sexuality are two subjects that we generally see as being … “slightly” opposed to one another. This course steps in to the middle to look at the development of attitudes towards sexuality within diverse religious traditions, and religious manifestations of sexuality. In only three tiny credits, over eight topics are discussed, which seems absurd. But I guess when it comes to an issue with so much history and tension, there is going to be a lot to talk about

5. Sex and Sexualities in the Irish Diaspora: A History (IRST 398K) / (SOCI 398K) / (ANTH 398K )

Even though the title sounds daunting do not be afraid. If you actually read the course description this class sounds hella interesting despite the very narrow subject matter. The course discusses the issues of Irish sexualities and gendered expectations, and the portrayal of these issues around the world. Bet you never thought Oscar Wilde and Family Guy could have anything in common, but Sex and Sexualities in the Irish Diaspora will prove you wrong.

6. Sexuality and The Creative Process (FASS 392A)

Yes this course sounds a little strange when you first glance at it. However, the curriculum does not teach you to paint naked, or something, I assure you. Instead this course delves into aspects of sexual representation in the visual, performing, literary, media and digital arts. Describing such issues in this felid regarding autobiography, self-portraiture pornography and eroticism.

7. Sexuality in Human Relations (AHSC 312)

AHSC312 takes a more practical look at the question of sexuality and relates it to everyday life, more specifically you’re relationships. Themes as broad as media influences, to in depth topics like sexual expression and the attitudes towards it are covered.

8. Social Construction of Sexualities (SOCI 375) / (ANTH 375)

For all the confusion and controversy that surrounds the subject of sexuality, this course seems to have it’s teaching plan down pat in three convenient parts. How nice of them. One explores the validity of contemporary sexual beliefs and attitudes. Another focuses on the extent to which sexual beliefs and behaviours are socially organized. A third provides an introduction to theories which examine how biological and/or social forces shape our sexual lives.

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9. Gender and Journalism (JOUR 420).

It is no secret that the media has been totally crap at promoting issues with gender. This course focuses on gender issues in journalism, ranging from the historical context to more contemporary material. The content shines a light how gender has affects the people who work in journalism, differently, and most of the time unequally.

10. Gender and Public Policy (POLI 411)

Activists come hither! Gender and public policy is a course to reboot your knowledge and strengthen your fight against ... well a lot of people actually. This class is described as students examining a number of themes and debates, including gender and policy studies, gender and the welfare state, women’s groups in the policy process, and feminist perspectives on the bureaucracy. That’s a mouthful, however all these issues are super important to discuss, and it’s nice that it is available in a class room setting.

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