10 Sexy Things To Do During Montreal's 2014 Fetish Festival

Get kinky.
10 Sexy Things To Do During Montreal's 2014 Fetish Festival

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Montreal will become a bit more kinky in a few days with the start of Montreal's Fetish Weekend, beginning on Wednesday and going all the way 'til Sunday. All aspects of fetish subculture will be explored in the 6-day festival, with events and activities for all to enjoy, from seasoned players to even the most vanilla.

Like we said, Fetish Weekend is hosting tons of events, but we figured we'd help you out a bit with some suggestions. Most of us aren't too well versed in the world of fetish, kink, and BDSM, so we picked events that are open to the public and also not too intimidating, at least in terms of knowledge and outfits required. Still, we put in a couple of parties on the list, just note that those require the appropriate outfit and the readiness to play.

Learn about fetish subculture and gain a few tricks with our 10 things to do at Montreal Fetish Weekend below.

1. Expo Kink

What: An open exhibition-fair with kiosks and booths set up by many individuals and groups from the fetish world.

Where:Hotel Gouverneurs (map)

When: Friday-Sunday, 12pm to 6pm every day

Why: A crash course in all kink and fetish, you'll be able to talk to professionals and various organizations in an unintimidating atmosphere (free event)

2. Fashion Frenzy

What: A showcase of alternative fashion styles from professional designers in the industry

Where: Friday August 29th @ 6pm & Sunday August 31st @ 8pm

When: 1321 Ste-Catherinein the Village (Friday) & Apollon (map)

Why: Check out some new looks you and appreciated all the hot people clad in leather.

3. Kabaret Kink

What: A night of cabaret with a "pin up" theme featuring latex feather dances, DJs providing music, and a full cabaret troupe performance

Where: Cabaret Cleo (map)

When: Friday, August 29th from 10pm to 3am

Why: Experience some high quality cabaret with some exciting twists for a series of performances you've probably never seen nor experienced before.

4.Fetish photography with Soul Focus Studio

What: A workshop all about taking quality fetish/kink/BDSM photographs

Where: Hotel Gouverneurs (map)

When: Saturday, August 30th from 11:30am to 12:30pm

Why:Geared towards beginners with little to no photography experience, this will be the perfect entryway into taking the best fetish pics and selfies ever.

5. Rope Fun with Ivan-K

What: A beginners 101 on bondage.

Where: Hotel Gouverneurs (map)

When: Saturday, August 30th from 2pm to 3:30pm

Why: Learn how to use ropes the right way as you're taught basic positions and techniques to use whenever. Bringing a partner is not necessary.

6. Latextacy Anime Pop Ball

What: A fashion show full of fun that fuses the wild and zany fashions of anime and manga with latex.

Where: La Mouche (map)

When: Saturday, August 30th from 10pm to 3am

Why: Djs, incredible outfits from acclaimed Japanese designers, and side shows from artists and dominatrixes all add up to what looks like an amazing atmosphere.

7. Fetish Photo Convoy

What: A taking over the Montreal photo-hotspots with everyone clad in fetish-gear.

Where: Hotel Gouverneurs (map)

When: Sunday, August 31st, bus departs at 2pm from hotel lobby

Why: If you want to get dressed up without actually any play, this would be a fun way to let your freak flag fly.

8. Pre-Party

What: A fetis-style meet and greet where you'll be able to chat with everyone before heading out to the main events.

Where: Hotel Gouverneurs (map)

When: Saturday, August 30th, from 8pm to 10pm

Why: If you're going to go out to the main events ready to play, this'll be a good spot to meet your peers and partners.

9. Gods and Godesses

What: a 3-level mega play party with a terrasse and multiple bars.

Where: Apollon (map)

When: Saturday, August 31 from 10pm to 3am

Why: A night of play like no other, there will be suspension installations, DJs, and world-class performances. Come dressed and prepared.

10. The After-Party

What: The 4th floor ballroom will be all set up for play well into the morning.

Where: Hotel Gouverneurs (map)

When: Friday-Sunday, 2am to 6am

Why: Your night of fun shouldn't end early, and this way you can do a quick wardrobe change. Water will be provided but no other alcohol is allowed.

For all the info on events, be sure to check out the official website's calendar and the FB page.

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