10 Signs That She's Only There For Food

You might be her food sponsor.
10 Signs That She's Only There For Food

A lot of girls agree to go on dates for one tempting reason even if they're not that interested in the guy... and that reason is FOOD! I'm blowing the cover of my female sisters right now, but it's true and I'm sorry. A lot of us like the warm and comforting feeling that food gives to our souls, even if our dinner company is completely boring.

So if you're overweight, not funny and lack any common sense, don't you worry! You still stand a chance of going out on a date with a hot chick. All you have to do is invite her out to dinner. Now, if you're not sure whether a girl is genuinely interested in you or is using you for other purposes, I'm here to help. So here are 10 signs that she's only there for food.

1. She picks the restaurant

A lady who is interested in you as a potential boyfriend will let you pick the restaurant and, generally, won't care where you bring her. If she insists on one particular place, the answer is obvious: she's more concerned about the restaurant than the company a.k.a. she's only there for the food.

2. She makes more eye contact with the menu than with you

You're sitting at a dinner table, facing her and she doesn't bother to even look at you. She's way too busy trying to figure out what she wants to get. She's flipping through the menu back and forth and only gets excited when the waiter comes over and asks, "Are you ready to order?" and she screams out, "YES!"

3. Most of your conversations revolve around food

When you're at the restaurant, the two of you talk about other restaurants you like to eat at or your favourite types of food. One thing's clear, the only thing on her mind is, you guessed it, FOOD. She's not interested in any other kind of small talk.

4. She seems disinterested/distant after the first date

She goes m.i.a. on you after the first date... Nope, she's not playing hard to get. This girl got what she wanted and is no longer interested in your company. Unless you offer to bring her to her favourite restaurant and order half the menu, then she might change her mind.

5. She doesn't dress up for your first date

If she comes dressed like she just got out of bed for your first date, she clearly didn't put any efforts into looking presentable for you. It means that she doesn't really care to look good in front of you. No, it doesn't mean that she's a cool and laid back chick. She's there for the food, and food doesn't care what she looks like.

6. She rejects all your flirting attempts

You try and grab her hand or maybe even kiss her at the end of the night and she dodges the kiss and blurts out, "K, thanks bye!" I have bad news for you buddy... She's not interested in you unless you're a slice of pizza.

7. She openly talks about other guys

Did she mention how one of her coworkers is super cute? Maybe she told you that she's still not over her ex? She's clearly trying to send you signals that she's romantically interested in other people. You're her main food buddy though.

8. She doesn't budge when the bill arrives

When your waiter brings the bill, your lady friend is sitting across the table from you, just smiling innocently... nothing else. She's not making the "let me get my wallet move" or anything... Nope. In other words, you're expected to pay. That was her plan. You're her food sponsor. Sorry.

9. She only answers to texts about food

Does your text conversation look like a lonely monologue? Most of your messages remain unanswered except for, "Wanna grab a bite tonight?" She's using you for food, my friend.

10. She told you, "Aw, you're cute."

When you tell her something romantic, like "Wow, you're so gorgeous." or "I'd love to see you again!" and she goes, "Aw, you're cute." that's a clear red flag! Whether it happens during the date or after it, it doesn't matter. As soon as you hear the dreaded, "Aw, you're cute!" RUN! Unless you're ok with being her food prospect, of course...

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