10 Definite Signs He's Really Into You

He's just that into you.
10 Definite Signs He's Really Into You

Have you ever fallen really hard for a guy, and wondered if he felt the same way about you? As much as we like to say that guys are assholes and we hate them all - let's be honest; we can't live without them... And contrary to popular belief- they're not all the same.

However, they do share similar characteristics when they start to fall for you... Here are a few signs that your man wants to wife you up, or sees you in his future for more than just Netflix & Chill.

1. Leaves his cellphone out in the open.

Nowadays, your cellphone has every piece of information on it- from your banking transactions to your late night Facebook messages. If he's leaving his phone out in the open, chances are he's got nothing to hide from you.

2. Wants to see you during the day.

If he's making lunch plans, or day outings, he's clearly more involved than the last guy who saw you after his work shift, conveniently after 11 pm.

3. Brings you out with his friends.

His boys are a huge influence in his life. If he's bringing you around them a lot, it's a really good sign.

4. Doesn't only text, but calls you.

It's easy to play games or misinterpret a text message, but when you're talking on the phone he's going to act the way he does in person - therefore not spending 20 minutes thinking of the best line.

5. He proposes brunch - not just Netflix & Chill.

He's not hiding you - and he wants to spend time with you.

6. Catches on to your idiosyncrasies.

Those cute gestures that a person does when you get to know them (the looks you give, the hand movements, reactions to certain things), he will be able to catch on to them because he's paying attention to you. The real you.

7. When you say something in passing and he acts on it.

Such as buying you a pair of jeans you liked weeks ago, or you saying you love a restaurant and actually takes note of it and surprises you weeks later.

8. Introduces you to his family.

This one screams commitment. If you're meeting his parents, or any close relative that means a lot to him, usually means you mean a lot to him too.

9. Committing to future dates.

If he's locking you in to an event a month from now, or his cousin's wedding in three months, he wants you to stick around.

10. When dropping you off waits for you to get inside your house.

Or if you drove yourself home, sends you the famous "text me when you get home" which shows that he cares about your safety.

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