10 Signs You Actually Love Being Single

#2 You love it when plans get cancelled.
10 Signs You Actually Love Being Single

Now that winter is coming, you might start wondering whether you need to dive into a relationship for cuddling purposes. Sure, cuddling is a lot of fun, but have you tried pizza?

The reality is, you might actually be super comfortable alone without even realizing it. But in case you aren't, have no fear though, I'm here to help. Society can put pressure on you, but I never will. There are very good chances you're enjoying your life of solitude without giving a single fuck about the opposite sex. So here are ten signs you actually love being single.

1. When other girls complain about their boyfriends, you're secretly happy you don't have to deal with it

When you're with your girlfriends and they start complaining about their boyfriends after a few glasses on wine, "He's been texting another girl for two months now, nothing serious, just like 'Hey, what's up!' Should I be worried?" Yes, you should be and I'm not worried about a thing. Winning!

2. You love it when plans get cancelled

When your friends cancel dinner plans and instead of feeling upset, you start feeling a sense of relief. You can stay home, order pizza, watch movies, awesome!

3. You love that your bad decisions and endless flirting have no consequences

When you're in a relationship, flirting and making out with guys that aren't your boyfriend is forbidden territory. If you cross that line, you'll face a lot of drama and fighting. Being single allows for a fun and reckless lifestyle with zero consequences. You don't owe anything to anyone.

4. You prefer the company of your pet over people

Sometimes you just want to cuddle your cat or dog and binge watch Netflix... In times like this, your phone usually explodes with text messages from your friends asking if you want to go out for drinks and you answer, "Sorry, I'm busy."

5. You love watching ridiculous reality TV shows

If you're into Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you might want to wait and finish watching all the seasons before getting a boyfriend. Most guys hate these things.

6. You love going out with your girlfriends

Those nights filled with laughs, wine and crazy stories are the best. Most boyfriends are not huge fans of girls nights out. In addition, you'll end up spending very little time with your girls once you get into a serious commitment. In other words, enjoy the single life while you can.

7. You sometimes think to yourself, "Wow, I'm so gross."

Did you just drink juice straight out of the container? Or maybe something fell on the floor, you picked it up and still ate it? So bad, yet so good. You can't enjoy these little things if there's someone watching you constantly.

8. You can't imagine having to share your bed with another human

You've gotten used to sleeping in a star-shaped position which takes up 95% of your bed. There is no way another human being can fit in there. No way.

9. You have a specific daily routine you've gotten used to

You wake up, grab your overnight oats, then run to work, gym comes next, then you get home just in time to catch Big Bang Theory. That's it, there is literally no time for anything else in that schedule.

10. You deleted Tinder, Okcupid and other match making apps

You just don't bother with dating apps anymore.

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