10 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend In The World

The unicorn boyfriend DOES exist.
10 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend In The World

As girls, we tend to over dramatize the negative aspects of our relationships. It's not even our fault! We like drama (at least some of us do), it's in our DNA. We vent to our girlfriends about our s/o, and then realize shortly after that he's not as bad as we say he is... Not even close.

Recently, I've been giving my boyfriend a hard time, and it really had nothing to do with him. It was that time of the month (no not mother nature's time) but that - I feel like being annoying and a b!tch to you for no reason - time. Swear it exists. And to my surprise, my bad mood didn't affect him whatsoever. He remained calm, nonchalant and supportive throughout my b!tch fits. In that moment, I realized that Unicorn boyfriends might just exist after all... and they're more common than we think.

If your boyfriend has any or all traits from this list, you can call yourself a lucky girl.

1. He's your best friend.

You're able to be yourself around him. He makes you feel comfortable in your skin, and you don't need to pretend to be anybody else. They say the best relationships are based on friendships first. If you are able to communicate with your s/o and be honest with them, you've got it.

2. He invests his time in you.

You wake up to his text, and go to bed to his voice wishing you goodnight. As cheesy as it is, we love those good morning, have a great day texts, it shows that you are on his mind at all hours of the day.

3. He does not get angry with you when you're busy with life/friends.

Because he has your best interest at heart. He genuinely wants you to be happy, and understands when you need to spend time studying or working on a new project at work. He will be supportive and there if you need his advice/help.

4. He trusts you, 100%.

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. If your man trusts you, don't give him reasons not to. Your love can only grow stronger if you have unbreakable trust.

5. He's a man of his words.

Actions speak louder than words. When it comes time to step up to the plate, and he proves himself accordingly, then you've got yourself a keeper.

6. He finds you beautiful even when you don't.

Because to him, you're always beautiful. When you're having those bad hair days or wake up looking like hell from a hangover, he still finds you beautiful and will always remind you that you are, even when you don't have your face on yet.

7. He knows how to make you laugh/smile.

Everyone knows, if a man can make you laugh, he can make you do anything. It shows that he cares enough to take the time to be there for you in times of need. Not many guys can do that.

8. You feel safe with him.

He is that place you can call home. They always say if a man makes you feel giddy and excited, walk away from him - he is not the man for you. Be with someone who makes you feel warm, safe and secure. He is the man you'll end up marrying.

9. He makes you a better person.

He helps you grow as an individual. If you can learn from your s/o, and can become a better you, then you are with the right person.

10. And lastly, he knows you're the love of his life.

And will remind you whenever he gets the chance to. Because a girl like you comes once in a lifetime, and he would never risk losing you.