10 Signs You Need A Break From Montreal

You might need a vacation.
10 Signs You Need A Break From Montreal

There comes a day in every Montrealer's life where we get a little bit tired of our city. This phenomenon is especially common during cold winter times, when our body craves sunshine and summer heat, yet all it gets is pain from the excruciating cold temperatures outside. You know that feeling when the air hurts your face? Brutal. That's when you start dreaming about how wonderful it would be if you could find yourself on a beach somewhere far away. So here are 10 signs you might need a break from Montreal.

1. You can't stand the smell of poutine.

Not even the smell of mac'n'cheese poutine from Dirty Dogs? Then you really, definitely, need a break from Montreal.

2. The Habs logo makes you nauseous.

If this logo doesn't get you excited, then I don't know what will.

Photo cred - Samomatic

3. You're starting to hate Montreal bagels.

You might be crazy, because Montreal bagels have been voted to be tastier than New York bagels by... wait for it... New Yorkers!

4. Skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports seem extremely boring.

Did you know Montreal was hosting a FREE snowboarding festival on Saint-Denis street this December? Still sounds boring? Yeah, you might want to take a break from Montreal.

5. Enchanting Christmas music at shopping malls makes you sick to your stomach.

Imagine the Christmas music at the new $420 million Laval mega mall. That's holiday spirit taken to a whole new level! If you're not happy about this, there's not much else I can tell you...

6. Leaving the house is the most painful thing in the world.

It's so cold outside... You just want to stay in, eat comfort food and cuddle. Right?

7. You were annoyed with our very first snow fall.

Even though it made our city look like a magical snowy kingdom...? It was so enchanting.

Photo cred - Artinthecity (Edited by Jeremy Hazan)

8. News about Quartier des Spectacles turning into a Christmas village do not impress you.

What kind of person are you? This is literally the best new ever.

9. Real life reindeers will be taking over Montreal? You literally don't care.

Whaaaat? Can we pet them? If you don't care about reindeers, then you don't have a heart and you might need a little time-off from our city...

10. The only thing that was an actual light at the end of the tunnel was...

When MTL Blog posted that article about a super cheap flight deal from Montreal to Brazil, the land of carnival and tight butts. Yeah, you definitely need a vacation, my friend.

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