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10 Signs You Need A Poutine Intervention

When the obsession goes too far.
10 Signs You Need A Poutine Intervention

Poutine and Montreal go together like no other. Our city is riddled with amazing poutine joints, each one more delicious than the last. And with all of these amazing options it's hard to not indulge in one every now and again. However, there's a fine line that, as Montrealers, many of us have crossed, between enjoying a poutine on the reg and going absolutely overboard.

If any of these apply to you or someone you know, then you just might need a poutine intervention: 

1. You, on more than one occasion, have tried to rationalize the health benefits of poutine to someone else

2. You've found yourself scrambling to hide poutine take-out containers before people come over to your place

3. Multiple articles of your clothing are stained with gravy

4. Your financial woes could be solved by not buying so much poutine

5. You always know where the closest poutine place is. Always.

6. You've turned down dinners out with friends so that you can go get a poutine instead

7. You've tried every poutine on this list and don't even regret it

8. Your friends and family know that anything can be made up to you with a poutine

9. You look forward to the drunk poutine after a night out more than the night out itself

10. You've at one point considered naming your pet and/or child after something poutine related

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