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10 Signs Your Ex Is Not Over You

#8 They erase your photos from their social media.
10 Signs Your Ex Is Not Over You

You had a rough breakup and are finally slowly moving on, when, all of a sudden, boom! You get that dreaded text message from your ex saying something completely random and seemingly harmless, like "Adele's song made me think of you..." How do you react? Do you reply? What does it even mean? Do they want to get back together or something?

Now that we had our real first snow fall, brace yourselves, ex texts are about to hit you hard. They might even attempt to make more drastic moves and take action... So here's a list of signs you should take note of and realize that they're still, obviously, not over you.

1. They drunk text you

That text, "Come to Flyjin right now!" at 2 a.m. is a clear indication - they think of you even when they reach the "I can't talk in full sentences and I just lost my wallet" stage. That's real love.

2. They shit talk you

They tell random people how bad of a person you are? They clearly aren't over you. A person who has genuinely moved on will be entirely unmoved with your past or present for that matter. Any type of strong feelings means one thing - they still have feelings for you.

3. They are abnormally active on social media

If they start posting way too many photos à la "enjoying life" every day, they're trying to prove something to themselves and to the rest of the world... What are they trying to prove, you ask? That they don't need you to have fun, when they clearly do.

4. They get a rebound bf/gf that looks a lot like you

Ouch! They need to be with someone who reminds them of you...

5. They keep in touch with your friends/family

Why would someone who's moved on want to keep up with YOUR family and YOUR friends? Think about it.

6. They randomly text you

Unless it's business related, there is no reason for your ex to text you at all. Even if it's as innocent as, "Hey! How have you been?" Red flag! Red flag!

7. They make it awkward when you bump into each other

A person who's fully moved on shouldn't have any problems with bumping into you and saying a simple "Hello!" for example. If they're going that extra mile to avoid you, there are obviously feelings involved.

8. They erase your photos from their social media profiles

Surprised? You shouldn't be. If your ex took their precious time to delete every single photo that you had together, they are clearly not over you. They wouldn't give you the time of day if they were actually over you.

9. They ask you out on a date

Obviously! If they want to see you = they're not over you... or they want to tell you that you might have an STD and you need to get checked ASAP. #hypochondriacforlife

10. They actually tell you that they miss you

If they straight up tell you that they miss you, they are still in love with you, of course. You might want to give them another chance? Or nah.

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