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10 Signs Your Montreal Squad Is Dope As Fvck

You can never have "just one drink".
10 Signs Your Montreal Squad Is Dope As Fvck

You know when you think to yourself, "We're so epic, we need our own reality show"?! That's when you know your squad is on fleek. Your friends are the family you actually get to choose. Did you choose wisely though? There are a bunch of signs that can let you know that your group of friends is the best possible combination of awesomeness.

My girlfriends are the most entertaining people of life. I live vicariously through their crazy stories. We also often get into the most fucked up situations as a group. We're basically reckless teenagers trapped inside adult female bodies. Is your squad as dope as mine? Let's see.

1. You never let each other down

If you make plans, you freaking stick to them. No cancellations or rain checks. You go out even there's a freaking tornado outside. Getting turnt up is your main priority if you planned it as a group.

2. You have one friend who's posting way too many things on social media

And you constantly tell them not to post your night's evidence on Instagram, Snapchat or whatever other social media they're overusing. The next day you still get tagged on ridiculous photos of your fleek doing embarrassing shit. Like dancing on a table at La Banquise... Good times.

3. "One drink" policy never works

You know when you try to act like responsible adults and get together to do "something chill" and "only have one drink"... The next thing you know, it's 5a.m., you're drunk and you figure you might as well go straight to work/school. #fail

4. There is at least one crazy reckless alcoholic in your group

There's at least one person in your group who gets unreasonably drunk every single time, makes the worst decisions ever, but has the best stories out of the whole crew. Like, you know one thing - if they're coming, it's going to be one hell of a night.

5. You have weird catch phrases

Your group has catch phrases that only people from your circle understand. You're an exclusive group of unique personalities and, "You can't sit with us!"

6. You have group rules

For example, you can't be on your phones when you're around your friends... or you can't talk about your exes... or you absolutely have to get together every Friday night...

7. Your squad always has your back

If you don't like someone, your friends automatically hate them too. Your squad laughs at every single one of your jokes. If you get into a fight at a club or something, they have your back. You're a freaking team.

8. You have epic stories from vacations you took together

That time when your friend passed out at the lobby and got brought back into the room by the butler... EPIC!

9. You have group texts

Group texts are so bad, yet so good. It might take you all day to figure out what movie to watch or where to grab a bite with your crew, but it's still a necessity.

10. You love them with all your heart

You love your friends even when they're being annoying, clingy, weird or loud. You still love them unconditionally, because you're homies for life.

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