10 Smart Reasons Why You Should Be Having A Lot More Sex

Not that you needed any but...
10 Smart Reasons Why You Should Be Having A Lot More Sex

Winter's all about snuggling indoors with scotch and snacks, but it's good to know that while your hermit-mode might feel all lazy and bad for your health, it's actually kind of great for you--that is, if you're still getting plenty of that saucy sexy time that should come along with all this indoor action. We hope so.

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Improves Sleep

Orgasming makes your body release this hormone called prolactin that makes you feel relaxed and sleepy, hence the stereotype of men falling asleep after they cum. It’s probably a stereotype more connected to men than women, because of the greater difficulty women can face in orgasming, but the relaxation/sleepy effects are the same for both sexes.

Lessens Pain

Ever heard someone say that having sex gets rid of a headache? It’s a real thing. Orgasms releases a hormone (more on that later) that increases your pain threshold, but sexual stimulation without achieving orgasm and masturbation has the same pain relief effects. So many good feels.

Strengthens The Immune System

Sexual health experts have determined that sexually active people take fewer sick days, because their body learns to be better equipped to deal with germs, viruses, and all of those other nasty bad-wishers.

Improves Your Skin

Sweaty sex cleanses your pores, making your skin clearer and brighter—just like the trope of the “post-sex glow”. For women, the increase in their estrogen levels makes hair shinier and skin softer. Skip the salon and facial and just call up your fuck buddy.

Makes You Sexier

Your body releases pheromones when you’re fucking frequently—chemicals that others’ are unconsciously attracted toward. Sex making you sexier to have more sex. A beautiful cycle.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Sex lowers your systolic blood pressure, the first number on your blood pressure test. Not jerking off, just sex (sorry guys). Sweaty sex also counts as exercise, since it increases your heart rates and because you use all these muscles without it feeling like “exercise”.

Reduces Stress

Cuddling and touching releases your body’s feel-good hormone, and being sexually aroused gets your body in its pleasure/reward mode. Take a chill pill in the best possible way.

Lowers Risk of Heart Attack

Sex regulates your estrogen and testosterone levels, which is pretty key, because when these are imbalanced, you tend to be at risk for things like heart disease and osteoporosis. Fuck and find balance.

Boosts Libido

The more sex you have, the more you want it, which is why fucking regularly can make you feel like a sex fiend on the days your life gets in the way of sexy times. Not a negative, because your desire for sex will prompt you to get out of your house and into the world during those long winter nights.

Sharpens Your Senses

After orgasm, your body’s levels of the hormone prolactin makes your sense of smell more intense, which isn’t something I'm particularly into, but it’s still pretty cool to realize. Who doesn't want to be a little more superhuman?

Do you need more reasons to roll around in the sheets? If you got anymore, let us know in the comments below.

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