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10 Strong Realities Of Living Downtown In Montreal

It may be nice, but you will pay the price.
10 Strong Realities Of Living Downtown In Montreal

Photo cred - Ames Lai

Maybe you've been living there your entire life. Maybe you just moved, and you went through the painful process of hunting through apartments, checking your credit, negotiating a lease, and now you're finally settling into a new space. You're within walking distance of Rue St-Catherine and one of the metro stations where the Green and Orange lines run parallel. You're surrounded by cool restaurants, bars, and places to shop everywhere to go.

What is it like?

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Your building isn't old, it just has "character".

Your building may look like a 1970's concrete mess constructed by people who didn't understand modern plumbing, but that's what gives it its unique character, alright?

You become irrationally fond of places like Supermarche P.A or your local depanneur

The longer stores stay open to support 10 P.M snack runs, the more they win a place in your heart.

Your sleep schedule is messed up.

If you're not being kept up by drunk people staggering out of St-Catherine bars, you're out being one of them. Or maybe you're just staying up watching viral cat videos on Youtube. Or you're up, getting late night pizza or shwarma from the local 24h delivery place. Or maybe you're just up, not sleeping, listening to the distant traffic on Autoroute 40, and you don't know why.

Your relationship with your landlord is...interesting.

Know your rights. Your landlord doesn't have a right to enter your rooms without informing you first. You can only be evicted if your rent is frequently late, or late for three weeks plus. You can't be evicted by surprise. Other than that, try not to be asshole, and hopefully that would keep the swearing on both sides will be kept to a minimum.

Hallways have three smells: cigarette smoke, spices from cooking, and the mysterious scent of "I think someone just died in here, and their murderer is trying to cover up the crime with Febreze"

If your neighbours don't smoke and don't cook, then congratulations - they're probably weirdo serial killers .

(Or health conscious lazy people)

When your neighbours smoke, the smell inevitably drifts into your room too.

StatCan says 21.4% off Quebeckers are smokers, but I call bullshit. Either it's three times that number, or everyone downtown smokes three rollups at once, puffing simultaneously. Damn whoever designed windows that face each other, and double damn whoever invented air vents that connect multiple apartments.

You also learn that the people who stay are the loudest drunks.

...could they at least get into quieter shouting matches outside people's window?

You become shocked at how much space your West Island/Laval/Brossard/NDG/non-downtown friends have.

Some people have spare rooms that have nothing in them. Woah.

You brag about your rent to friends in Toronto and Vancouver.

One month of rent in Montreal buys you an hour of parking in Toronto (and only half an hour in Vancouver).

You feel awesome because you walk or bike everywhere now instead of driving.

Montreal's downtown core is so packed that you can get anywhere in a short time. Living downtown whittles down your commute time, so you can go to your pick of restaurants, coffee shops, concerts, libraries, and events. Even if your apartment is terrible, you don't have to spend much time there because it's so easy to go out into the city.

Plus, you get exercise while being environment-friendly: win.

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