10 Strong Reasons Why You Should Cheer For The Montreal Canadiens To Win The Stanley Cup

You could always use more fuel for your fan-fire.
10 Strong Reasons Why You Should Cheer For The Montreal Canadiens To Win The Stanley Cup

Let's be honest, if you're on MTL Blog, you're probably already a die-hard Habs fan. Good, you're making your city, and its hockey team, proud.

But with the Habs advancing to the third round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Montreal's team is under more scrutiny than ever. Everyone in Montreal already knows the Habs can, should, and will win the cup, but do you have an argument other than "because they're the Habs?"

Many thanks to the National Post's Michael Traikos for inspiring this article, and providing some very solid points.

To help you shut down any Habs-haters, here are 10 reasons everyone should be rooting for the Habs.

1. Because P.K. Subban

  • Redefining the role of a defencemen, Subban is the top scorer in a defensive position and has a personality to match his skills, being angry on the ice and so personable on camera. That, and he's willing to get a little intimate when excited.

2. Because The Odds Are Against Us

  • The Habs' chances of winning the Stanley Cup are at the lowest in contrast to the other teams, according to a few betting sites. Odds were even worse at the beginning of the season, so show your support for the team that wins despite the odds.

3. Because Carey Price

  • He's called the best for a reason. Not only is Price an Olympic gold medal winner, he's proved his skills so many times on the ice during the season and the playoffs, most notable the Game 6 shutout against Boston. And now that he is out until further notice everyone should try and win it for him strong efforts that got them to where they are now.

4. Because Ginette Reno

  • She ain't a player but Reno has become the Habs lucky charm during the playoffs, and thus an integral part of the team. She's got a crazy-good set of pipes on her too.

5. Because Thomas Vanek

  • Whoever said the Habs are all small hasn't taken a look at Thomas Vanek. Any NY Ranger looking to take down a Canadien better watch out for this 6' 2'', 217-pound Austrian bruiser.

6. Because The Little Guys

  • Vanek is a great player, but the Habs have proven that being big doesn't win you games. Brian Gonta (5'7''), David Desharnais (5'7''), and Brendan Gallagher (5'9'') still rock the ice without needing to be over 6-feet.

7. Because Dale Weise

  • Pretty much for proving that even in the handshake line, you can be a complete badass.

8. Because Andrei Markov

  • Age ain't nothin' but a number, and Markov proves that's true, who, at 35, is still keeping up with, and outperforming, much younger players.

9. Because Canadiens For All Of Canada

  • Montrealers are going to need to learn to share, as the Habs are now Canada's only chance for reclaiming the Stanley Cup. Our nation has gone without a cup for 20 years, and more fan support is only a good thing.

10. Because Montreal Will Go Nuts

  • If the win over Boston showed anything, its that Montreal can celebrate a win en masse without all hell breaking loose. If the Habs win the whole shebang, just imagine the city-wide party that would ensue. Any and everyone in the Montreal area must partake.

What are your reasons?

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