10 Struggles Of A Girl With Resting Bitch Face

Smiling gives you wrinkles.
10 Struggles Of A Girl With Resting Bitch Face

You don't understand girls with a perma-smile. As a matter of fact, you get annoyed when you're around too many of them at once . Just like Victoria Beckham told Vogue magazine she is "smiling on the inside", you have unconsciously followed the fashion trend. You always smile on the inside! You even laugh sometimes. But to others who don't know you, explaining it to them is pointless, they will never understand. The struggle is real.

If you have the RBF Syndrome, you most likely encounter these on a daily basis.

1. Your friends always think you're judging them.

Trust me, if I had something to say, I would say it.

2. Everyone asking you "what's wrong" at least once a day.

The only thing wrong is you asking me every 30 minutes... Is something wrong with you?

3. Or/and "how come you never smile?"

I smile on the inside.

4. People think you're giving them dirty looks.

I am. Just not without a reason.

5. You look like a serial killer.

Then clearly you've never seen one before.

6. You have the same face in every picture.

I like my face the way it looks when i'm not smiling. Maybe you should try it.

7. You look bossy (especially when you give orders).

First of all, I don't look bossy, I am bossy. Isn't that the whole point of giving orders?!

8.  It looks like you're having a bad day... every day.

I'm having an amazing day, thank you for asking for the 100th F#@ing time.

9. Your new friends say they thought you were such a bitch, before they met you.

And that changed how...?

10. Having to force a smile is exhausting.

I don't like wrinkles.

Photo Creds - @lyann_silvio

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