Thoughts Of Every Montreal Girl Who Doesn't Give A Fvck About Hockey

But her boyfriend does.
Thoughts Of Every Montreal Girl Who Doesn't Give A Fvck About Hockey

Every Montreal girl dates a guy who really passionately loves hockey at least once in her life. However, a lot of girls I know, myself included, don't really care about hockey at all. The only thing that actually remotely interests us is how hot the hockey players are and whether they have nice butts or something. The rest presents absolutely no value to us and to our lives in general. Sorry, but we're not really sorry. So here are 10 struggles of every Montreal girl who doesn't care about hockey at all.

1. "Hockey rules are so complicated"

Your boyfriend will try and explain the rules of the game to you over and over and over again... you're still not going to understand anything, because you really don't give a single fuck about hockey and you're not really paying attention.

2. "Oh, there's a game tonight? Oops."

When you don't know there's a game that day or night and ask your boyfriend to do something important with you, like going over your parent's house for dinner. Sorry!!!

3. "Beer? No, thanks."

You're at Cage aux Sports with your bf and his friends watching the game... then you decide to order a glass of white wine. Everyone gives you a weird look, like "Are you seriously going to drink white wine right now?". Yes, I will! Let me live, crazy hockey people.

4. "The game is so long and boring."

You just can't wait for the game to end already... so you're just thererolling your eyes thinking, "This is the longest three hours of my life..."

5. "I literally have no idea what's going on"

You're at the Bell Center and ask your bf, "So who are we cheering for? The red, white and blue guys?" And he just laughs in response.

6. "Hockey fans are so annoying!"

You're watching the game with a bunch of people and want to ask your boyfriend something super important, but you can't! Why? Because everyone is screaming REALLY loud. FML.

7. "I'm really not interested."

Your boyfriend laughs at you because you're on your phone during the game at the Bell Center. That's how much you don't care about it.

8. "Chicken wings?! Yum!"

The only thing that excites you about watching the game with your boyfriend and his friends is food. Yaaaaas!

9. "Habs need a serious fashion intervention!"

Their jerseys are so freaking ugly, wow. Why can't Karl Lagerfeld design something nice for the Habs or something? They could definitely afford it.

10. "WHY are they making so much money?"

It doesn't make any fucking sense. They skate around with a stick for a living and make ridiculous amounts of money. Life is really unfair.

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