10 Struggles Of A Montreal JFK High School Graduate

The JFK Effect is real.
10 Struggles Of A Montreal JFK High School Graduate

Ah, John F. Kennedy High School. Back when I was a student, I didn't know how good I had it. Seriously. Super cheap cafeteria breakfasts? Dance class? A built-in pool? It was great, but for some reason, I never appreciated any of it. As a graduate (class of 08 represent), though, I can now look back with fond memories.

I know I'm not alone in this, and I'm pretty sure it's not exclusive to JFK. It's kind of a universal thing: you never know what you have until it's gone, right? And as much as I look back on my time as a JFK student with happiness, there's still one thing I can't deny. Us graduates? Yeah, we've got struggles. Like what, you ask? Well, keep reading for 10 Struggles Of A Montreal JFK High School Graduate.

1. The "JFK Effect".

Alright, truth time, no one really knows what the JFK Effect actually is. And, friends, I'm sorry, but I can't tell you either. All I do know is that it's a universal feeling of demotivation shared by all JFK students, past and present. Is it real? Yes. Is it also just a convenient excuse to justify how demotivated you feel because you're growing up? Eh, maybe.

2. Your nightmares are made of white polo shirts and black pants.

And the in school suspension you'd inevitably get if you broke the dress code. Sometimes, I still wake up in a cold sweat, thinking I'm stuck in that auditorium with those horrifying carpeted seats (benches?).

3. When people think you come from the states because you graduated from JFK.

"I went to JFK!" "Oh, cool, which state are you from?" Is an actual conversation I've had far too many times to count. Sidenote: does anyone really know why we have a high school named after an American president in Montreal? Because, no lie, I kind of have no clue as to why.

4. Missing the sandwiches from the Kim Hour on St. Michel.

You remember Kim Hour, right? The Asian Supermarket on St. Michel/Cremazie? That place made the best Bánh mì; it was inexpensive, delicious, and it hit the spot when you were bored of McDonald's/Subway and in need of something yummy. I haven't been back since I graduated, but let me tell you, I still crave those sandwiches to this day.

5. When the school closed down for a year and your whole world stopped.

Remember the whole "JFK moves into Rosemont" thing? I do. Even if you weren't a student at the time, the news pretty much disrupted your whole entire life - especially since there were serious rumours of JFK's permanent closure. And nobody wants to be an alumni from a school that doesn't exist. It's not a good feeling. But, hey, bonus points for the happiness we all felt once JFK returned to its beautiful home on St. Michel/Villeray. Yaasss.

6. Always being too scared to venture into the Business Center.

No lie, it was pretty cool to know that JFK was famous for being more than just a high school. But how curious were we to see how the other side lived? For some reason, we never actually dared step foot into the JFKBC, despite all the utopian rumours of vending machines and student lounges. PS - how rare was it to spot an actual JFKBC student? They were like unicorns.

7. The 67.

Ah, the 67, the one bus line that every single JFK student crammed themselves on. For some reason, the 67 was literally always full. Literally. No matter what time you'd take it, no matter how long you'd wait for an empty bus, you'd get stuck feeling like a canned sardine on your way to school and/or home.

8. The pool.

You'd think it would be pretty awesome to have a pool in your school, right? Hahaha. Nope. Sure, it's fun to get to spend a couple of gym classes swimming it out, but going to your next class with wet hair? Significantly less fun. Also, swimming in the winter? Um, I'll pass.

9. No matter what, nobody can replicate those cafeteria cookies.

How did they get them so moist? Also, S/O to those Jamaican Patties. You can try to make them at home all you want, but they'll never taste the same.

10. When your JFK hoodie turned into your most prized posession.

Because despite all the struggles, JFK was actually a really great place to go to school - and now that you're gone, you miss everything. The awesome teachers, the administration, the pool that you can kind of smell throughout the whole caf, la place... and yes, even the dumpster in the schoolyard. JFK, you were a great school.

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