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10 Struggles Of Living In Montreal's South Shore

It's not just the traffic.

Okay, the South Shore is a really great place to live. Seriously. Peace and quiet, beautiful views, and hey, Boucherville was even ranked as the #1 place to live in Canada. But let's talk real for a second, the South Shore isn't perfect. No place is. Everyone's got struggles, even if you do live in the #1 place in Canada. And if you're having a hard time thinking of them, we've got your back:

1. Having to explain to people where you live

"I live in Candiac. It's a bit further than Longeueuil, near La Prairie. No, it's not Brossard. Near Saint-Catherine. No, not the street. It's literally... fine, yes, I live in Brossard."

2. Traffic coming in and out of Montreal

Especially since there's a bridge closure every two seconds nowadays. The most reliable way to get on-island seems to be the tunnel, but during rush hour it doesn't matter what you pick. Everything's one huge disaster. Godspeed, friends. Godspeed.

3. Traveling anywhere other than downtown Montreal

Getting downtown from the South Shore is okay, and maybe even getting to Anjou/St. Leo. But try to get anywhere else and it's practically a road trip. Heading to Kirkland? Maybe pack some snacks. Off to NDG? Sure, just make sure your iPhone is fully charged first.

4. Going shopping all. the. time

Because there are fifty million places to shop and there's basically nothing else to do.

5. Seeing everyone you know, always

The South Shore is huge, but the towns are kind of little. Meaning you know everyone you grew up with, and you probably see them wherever you go. Going shopping? They're there. Grabbing breakfast? They're there. Wake up in the morning? Well, hopefully they're not there. But they still probably are.

6. Having about 5 bars/clubs to choose from

And they're all concentrated at Quartier Dix30.

7. The feeling of seclusion

Which you know even better if you're an expat from Montreal. Most towns in the South Shore have a really suburban feel, and if you're not used to it you might feel a little alienated from the rest of the world.

8. Always seeing the super nice houses and feeling really jealous

You know those Brossard mansions I'm talking about, right? The ones with the elevators in them? The ones the hockey players own? Yeah, don't tell me you don't get instantly jealous passing them on your way to work everyday.

9. When the Dix30 opened and the whole area remained forever gridlocked

The Dix30 is amazing and everyone knows it. Shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment - I think you could literally spend an entire weekend there and not get bored. Sadly, I'm not the only person who knows this. Have you ever tried to get to, or around, the Dix30 on a weekend? Or during rush hour? Yeah, it's not pretty. Tears for those who live near the Quartier and have to sit through the traffic just to get anywhere.

10. Having to drive literally everywhere

Live in Delson but work in Saint-Bruno? Great.Don't have a car? Not so great. The easiest way to get anywhere in the South Shore is by driving there. Sure, traffic can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but that's nothing compared to the hours on hours that you'd have to wait if you're taking a bus anywhere (seriously. Google Map it).

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