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10 Struggles Of People Who Hate Talking On The Phone

Never call me again, thanks.
10 Struggles Of People Who Hate Talking On The Phone

If you've been following me on MTL Blog, you probably realized that I like to rant about things from time to time. It feels especially good to do this on Mondays. You know, it's the beginning of the week and I just came back from two weeks of vacation... so I'm especially frustrated today.

I'll never understand people who like to talk on the phone. It's useless. Why not just text something quick and get your point across in a matter of seconds. Talking only makes sense when you're face to face, not when you're holding a cold plastic device next to your ear. So here are 10 things every person who hates talking on the phone can relate to.

1. When you text someone and get a phone call in return...

Worst. Feeling. Ever. Why would you do this to me???

2. You go out of your way to avoid making a phone call

"Mom, can you call my dentist please?"

3. You ignore all of your incoming calls

Sorry, I'll just pretend I'm really busy right now and can't talk.

4. You hate checking your voicemail messages


5. You experience major anxiety before making an important phone call

Can I just text my boss to talk about my accomplishments or something?

6. Your main decision is whether you should let your incoming call go to voicemail or just reject it

That feeling when you reject a phone call and they immediately call you back. Alrighty, I'll just ignore this one then.

7. You know you should start answering your phone and be an adult, but...

Not today. I should make it my New Year's resolution though.

8. On rare occasions, when you do answer your phone, you try to make the conversation as short as possible

But some people like to keep you on the phone, so you just attempt to live through awkward silences and useless conversations.

9. You never call back

Instead, you just text something like, "Sorry, missed your call. What's up?" and hope they don't call you again.

10. Your friends know about your phone phobia

Every time you see them in person, they'll tell you, "I'll call you soon and you NEED to pick up when I call, ok?" and you answer, "Suuuuure..." But you both know that's not going to happen.

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