10 Summer Struggles Montreal Women Face

As if waxing our legs wasn't enough...
10 Summer Struggles Montreal Women Face

After a long, cold, and icy winter, it’s nice to feel Spring in the air and Summer on its way. However with the warm weather come a hundred challenges that women have to navigate all season long. While we love the Summer months oh so much, there are some things the season brings that just grind our gears.

1. Bixi Bikes Are The Mortal Enemies Of Mini Skirts

It always seems like a good idea when you put on a cute dress, or an adorable mini skirt… until you remember you’re going to be driving a bixi bike across the city. Although there’s nothing more comfortable than the freedom a summer dress brings, you’re not entirely sure it’s worth worrying about whether the entire city can see your ass.

2. You Can Forget Your Dreams Of Perfect Hair

If you’re hoping to have beautiful, free flowing hair during the summer, we're sorry to disappoint you. There’s no such thing as good hair during the summer months in Montreal. You might start out the day looking like a model, but between the sudden humidity and the 30 km/h wind, you’ll end up looking like a frizzy Bride of Frankenstein. Maybe just invest in scrunchies this season…

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3. Surprise Tans

If you’re wondering why you’re lobster red after spending most of your day in the shade of skyscrapers ,or walking St. Hubert during a seemingly cloudy day, you may have been baked alive by UV rays which cut through our city’s smog.

4. Bikinis At Bumblebee Beach

Cap-Saint-Jacques is a fun destination for people on the island of Montreal. But good luck if you’re hoping to show some skin. The beach, often nicknamed Bumblebee Beach, is home to an array of wasps, bees, and hornets. So if you’re thinking of wearing a bikini to the beach, you may want to opt for a beekeeper outfit, or something with ample coverage instead...

5. Melting Makeup

When wearing heavy makeup during a Montreal summer, remember that by the end of the night you’re going to look like the Joker. When the Montreal summer heat strikes, makeup melts. There’s nothing that will send your foundation melting into your cleavage faster than a day trapped in a crowd at the Jazz Fest or Osheaga. And you can forget about reapplying while you’re there.

6. You Can’t Wear Bright Colours, Or Shorts, On The STM

If you’re thinking about wearing short shorts on one of the city’s public buses, forget it. The only thing worse than your skin sticking to a leather bus seat is feeling someone else’s sweat touch the back of your legs. And if you’re going to wear anything other than black, brace yourself for a visible sweat stain in the middle of your back from the seats.

7. You Can Never Just Have One Outfit For The Day

Going to the Tam-Tams? Then you better pack 5 extra outfits. Montreal weather can change in the blink of an eye. So while it may feel like a warm summer day when you head out, it’ll likely start to pour by noon, get really cold come the afternoon, become sweltering hot around dinner, and then hit freezing temperatures overnight. So get used to wearing lots of layers!

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8. Kiss Heels Goodbye

It can be a great feeling when you find the perfect pair of open-toe Espadrilles to match your outfit. What isn’t a great feeling is when your feet begin to blister and bleed as you walk along Saint Catherine Street. And God have mercy if you’ve decided to walk to a party on the mountain. Have you ever tried climbing Mount Royal in heels? It’s a death sentence for your toes. So you should probably get used to wearing flats this Summer… or not going further than a one-block radius from your apartment.

9. Get Used To Smelling Weird

Prepare to give up your designer scent if you’re spending your summer in this city. If you’re going to any of the parks in Montreal, or just happen to be outside at night, then you better get used to smelling like musk, citronella, or vinegar that ward off the mosquitoes.

10. Prepare To Dress Like A Mom From The ‘90s

Going to watch the fireworks? Time for the mom jeans you don’t mind getting grass stains on. Delicate skin? Ugly baseball caps are your scalp’s best friend. LaRonde? No dresses or cute handbags today. Picknick on the mountain? Jerry Seinfeld running shoes and a bag big enough to carry sandwiches, sunscreen, and bottled water. Just accept that you’re going to be Bear Grylls this summer, and hold on to the hope that Fall (and Fall fashion) is just around the corner.

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