10 Summer Waterparks Close To Montreal

Summer fun is only a car ride and water slide away.
10 Summer Waterparks Close To Montreal

Summer isn't quite here but the heat sure is, and it's only going to get sunnier, more humid. eventually, unbearably hot in Montreal. No matter how bad winter may have been, there is always a moment in summer when it's just too damn hot and you start to hate the season. Mother nature deserves your anger, but rather than be hot and angry, you can cool off at one of the many water parks close to Montreal. High in the sky water slides will beat the heat while you have fun, and more than a few are only a short drive away. Get prepared for summer fun (and how to handle the heat) with these nearby water parks.

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Super Aqua Club

Opening Date: June 9th

Distance: 54km, 40 min drive

A huge water park is here to enjoy, with tons of rides and aquatic activities. Two stand out in Super Aqua Club's lineup: The Squalls, a super intense one-way thrill ride water slide (pictured) and The Blob Jump, which is cooler than it sounds, basically being a human catapult with someone launching you throw the air and into the water. The former seems like pure fun, the latter is just a great excuse to catapult someone you might not particularly like.

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Mont Saint-Sauveur

Opening Date: June 7th

Distance: 76km, 55 min drive

This ski resort turns into a summer water park from June to September. Mont Saint-Saveur boasts a 393 foot water slide where you ride down in the dark (Les Torrents), a white water rafting-esque slide, and a slew of other waterslides all making use of the ski mountain's natural incline. If you don't want to get wet, they also have the only mountain alpine roller coaster in Quebec, the Viking.

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Ski Bromont Water Park

Opening Date: June

Distance: 87km, 1 hour drive

Another ski resort-turned-water park, Ski Bromont has over ten water slides of varying heights and intensity, along with an elephant trunk-ride that launches you through the air and into the water. That just sounds like it'd be the most fun way to get into a pool. Screw diving boards, elephant trunks are where it's at.

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Opening Date: June 9th

Distance: 162km, 1h 42 min drive

Calypso has it all, with 35 water slides, more than 100 other aquatic activities, and Canada's largest wave pool. Summit Tower (pictured) is another big pull, a giant water slide tower that is also the tallest of its kind in North America.

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Mont Cascades

Opening Date: June 6th

Distance: 219 km, 2h 22 min drive

A point of pride for Mont Cascades Mountain Water Park is their claim to have the same water-rides as other major theme parks in North America, including Canada's Wonderland and Disney's water parks. Their rides are legit enough to back up their claim, such as the Turbo Twister and the Vortex rides, both of which look really intense and will take you for quite the "spin." Both rides basically swirl you around in a waterspout at high speeds, just in case you couldn't tell from their names or if you didn't get that pun.

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Valcartier Water Park

Opening Date: June 10th

Distance: 269km, 2h 43 min drive

A bit of a ways away, but Valcartier has some pretty cool rides that will make the drive worthwhile. One is Turbo 6, a 24 meter-high superslide where you plummet at 60km/h, and the Rock 'n Toll, a 12 meter-high water-carpet ride.

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Camping Domaine Grand R

Opening Date: June 18th

Distance: 144km, 1h 37 min drive

Combine camping with aquatic fun at CDGR, which has a healthy amount of waterslides for you to get your thrill fix on, as well as a huge artificial lake with a man-made beach attached where you can chill in the sun afterwards. If it ever gets chilly, there's also a heated semi-Olympic sized pool onsite.

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Aqua Parc St-Pie

Opening Date: June 21st

Distance: 53km, 66 min drive

There's a little something for everyone at St-Pie. 7 different water slides are there for thrill seekers, a swimming pool for those less inclined to ride down aquatic inclines, and there's even a rafting slide so you can mix it up a bit.

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Parc Safari Aquaparc

Opening Date: June 21st

Distance: 65km, 50 min drive

Safaris and water slides aren't the most intuitive mix, but Parc Safari's water park seems to pull it off. Everything is (obviously) named after exotic animals/locales like their Crocodile Lake pool, the Nile Riveer tube ride, and, most importantly, Dolphin Lagoon, where the park's 8 different waterslides and 60 water games reside. You can also check out a bunch of cool animals in the main park while you're there.

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Zoo Granby's Amazoo Iogo Aquatic Park

Opening Date: May 31st

Distance: 85 km, 1 hr drive

While Zoo Granby's aquatic park doesn't have any outstandingly intense water slides, it does have the largest heated wave pool in Quebec, a tube river over 400 meters long, and a whole bunch of smaller water games and rides.

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