10 Summer Weekend Escapes Close To Montreal

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all.
10 Summer Weekend Escapes Close To Montreal

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Is summer stressing you out? Do you feel like you need to be doing something fun and productive every day or else you feel as though you're basically wasting your summer? Well good. You should feel that way because you're letting this summer pass you by without looking at the crucial components of what you can actually do with your free time!

It's time to involve yourself in some daring excitement and adventure, because fundamentally "you only live once" and I apologize for using this phrase but I have to get my point across. Grab some friends and relish your youth.

When fall rolls around, wouldn't you rather be saying  "I can't believe I did that this summer" instead of "I wish I did that this summer". Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.

So I decided to compile a list of heart-pumping, pulse racing activities in and around Montreal that you need to try this summer:

1. Whitewater Rafting on the Rouge River

  • Less than an hour away from Montreal, Eau Vive Rafting offers you a range of different adventure packages from whitewater rafting to sportyacking. The natural flow of the Rouge River is famous for creating the most challenging rapids all season long, giving any rafting enthusiast plenty of huge waves. The river is divided into sections based on their intensity level, some of which include the slice n' dice, the Himalayas, the washing machine, and the seven sisters fall (wonder how that section got it's name...). Good luck.

2. Jet Boating on the Lachine Rapids

Quai de l'horlogue, Old Port

  • Jet Boating the Lachine Rapids is not only a local tourist attraction, but a symbol of the spirit, history, fun and adventure that make Montreal a world-class tourist destination. This spectacular 1 hour ride on the St-Lawrence River, is Montreal’s most refreshing activity: it's wet, it's wild, and it should not be missed by anyone! Oh and it comes with lunch...bonus!

3. Skydiving

  • Stop dreaming about it, now is literally the best time to put your head in the clouds, it's summer! Only 30 minutes outside the city, Parachute Montreal offers the safest airlifts, large landing areas, and a friendly highly trained staff. Experience an exhilarating one minute freefall at 200 km/h and that pump of adrenaline that will leave you feeling mentally, physically and spiritually cleansed. Be bold. PAS DE LIMITES!
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4. Paintballing

  • You need to mission to North America’s largest indoor paintball center. Compared to all of the other interior centres, Action 500 offers more than 4 fields reproducing battlefields encompassed with rocket launchers, army jeeps, buses, fortresses, trenches, towers, bridges, ladders, wrecked cars and much more. They’re open on weekdays at 12:00 p.m and weekends at 9:00 a.m. until midnight.

  • Warzone Paintball orders you to report to its camp for a day of extreme adventure! Get your adrenaline fix and discover all the possible warlike scenarios in their outdoor settings. All equipment is included, you are only charged for the amount of paintballs you purchase (500 balls =$70, po’ pire).

5. Rock Climbing

  • Rock climbing is the extreme sport that will not only give you an adrenaline rush, but also a physical and technical challenge. Allez Up pushes you to the limits of your self-control, strength and agility while the route setters continuously offer challenging routes each more interesting than the last. You can choose from sport climbing, bouldering and fitness all just a stone’s throw away from downtown Montreal.

6. Zip Lines

  • Oh yes, it's time for some zip lines! Take fun to the highest level and discover your inner Tarzan on Abraska's unique treetop escapades! Escape into nature and spend an exciting day trying something new. Fly across their huge ziplines, and climb across balance logs, monkey cables and other assorted elevated obstacles that are sure to give your heart a nice jolt! Ladies and gentleman, try not to wipe out because face planting is not an option.

7. Helicopter Tour

  • Be a pilot for the day! My dear fellow Captains, it's time to take a grand city tour from way up above. A simple introductory flight with Helicraft will be enough to awaken your dulled senses and rejuvenate any inner juices that might be sleeping this summer.

8. Bungee Jumping

  • Head to Ottawa for the weekend, relax, bike on the Rideau canal, eat at Red Lobster (as there seems to be a shortage here in Montreal...) and finally since you're there, might as well go bungee jumping. Just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa is "The Rock", home to Great Canadian Bungee's 200 ft. Goliath. Here you'll find one of the world's most spectacular and unique Bungee Jumping sites: solid limestone surrounding a 160 ft. deep aqua-blue lake, and spring-fed lagoons larger than 3 football fields. Sound too scary for ya? Well if bungee is not your cup of tea, just go to watch, cheer on those brave lads and feel the buzz of adrenaline in the air.

9. Water Parks

10. Camping

  • If you take away all the necessary daily basics, camping becomes quite the personal challenge to overcome. But don't let the limitations of camping bring you down; lounging around the fire with your buds at the end of an adventure filled day of being day drunk, hiking, kayaking, doing shrooms, what have you, ultimately gives you the best rush you could ask for: the rush of joy. Click here to check out the 10 summer campgrounds closest to Montreal.

Bonus - Luging at Mont-Tremblant

  • While spending the weekend in Mont-Tremblant village, try out their most invigorating ride "the Skyline Luge". This is a gravity adventure ride imported straight from New Zealand that will take you to the edge of your seat, regardless of your age. La Luge is a fun-filled and thrilling downhill ride on a 3-wheel-cart. Everyone's been talking about this ride for years, try it already.

Where will you be seeking adventure this summer?

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