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10 Super Scary Things To Do In Montreal For Halloween

You might just need a change of pants.
10 Super Scary Things To Do In Montreal For Halloween

Guys, it's almost time. Whip out the pumpkins. Get Hocus Pocus playing. Prepare yourself for a fright or two. Avoid graveyards after midnight. We're officially in (pre) Halloween season!

I think it's kind of impossible for anyone to be unhappy during this time of the year. But if the good-natured fear in the air (and the promise of discount candies on November 1) doesn't put you in a happy mood, think of all the fun things to do during this time of the year!

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Like what, I hear you ask? Well, I'm very glad you did! Montreal is home to some frightfully fun Halloween events - I mean, come on, we even have La Ronde converted into a huge and seriously legit haunted amusement park for the whole month of October to celebrate.

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Not to mention the chilling things going down in and near the city that aren't Halloween related, but scary enough that they might as well be (real-life haunted asylums, anyone?). All-in-all, Halloween in Montreal is pretty much the most wonderful time of the year!

Check out a cursed farm, and prepare to get the living daylights scared out of you.

For some reason, a whole lot of us like to get the living daylights scared out of us.

Well, friends who are way braver than I'll ever be, have I got some good news for you. For their very special annual Fright Fest Halloween extravaganza, La Ronde's got a "Cursed Farm" haunted house open to effectively haunt you for the rest of your life.

Honestly, a farm is pretty creepy in and of itself. But a cursed farm, complete with living scarecrows and "dead corpse smell"? I think that's on a whole other level of terrifying, TBH.

Go on a haunted tour of downtown Montreal, and discover all the ghosts of the city's past.

via @hauntedmontreal

Ever wonder about all the horrifying things that have gone down over the course of Montreal's 365 years? Come on, you know you have. Montreal has always been known to be a little racy, so there's bound to be some pretty juicy scary stories wound up in our history, right?

And if you are curious, then you also happen to be in luck. Haunted Montreal puts on "ghost tours" of Montreal's most haunted regions - namely, downtown, Griffintown, and Mount-Royal - throughout the year. This year, you can see all the ghouls coming out to play on Halloween night with Haunted Montreal's downtown Montreal ghost tour, going down on October 31!

Get yourself to Montreal's most infamous haunted house, L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel. 

via @aubergesaintgab

Sure, you probably all know L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel as being one of the most fun spots in the city. The decor is beautiful, the food is delicious, and it's even got its own speakeasy in the basement.

But did you also know it happens to be haunted AF? Well, apparently, anyway. According to legend, a little girl tragically died in a fire at the inn in the 19th century... and her spirit haunts L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel's patrons to this very day. Spooky.

I mean, it kind of makes sense that some kind of paranormal foolery is going on around here if you think about it. L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel is the oldest inn in North America. Either way, this spot is the perfect place to come on Halloween night, whether you're in for a thrill... or just some real good food.

Or venture out of the city for a haunted visit to the Ste Clotilde De Horton Asylum. 

via @matt_smilenot

Where do I even begin? If you think you know fear, think again. This super haunted (super creepy!) abandoned asylum is in Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton, Quebec, about an hour drive out of Montreal. And if you like your terror served up with a nice shot of "things are getting way too real get me TF outta here", then this is the place for you.

The Ste Clotilde De Horton Asylum started out as a regular old asylum, but changed into a whole bunch of different institutions throughout its life. Throughout the span of its operation, the asylum was home to things like lobotomies, clinical experiments and electroshock therapies... the place went up in flames more than a few times, even.

It's now been abandoned for a good while, but people still report paranormal happenings around the asylum to this day. Protip: don't visit this place. It's abandoned, maybe dangerous, and definitely terrifying. Instead, read up about it on Halloween or something, and stay as far away from this asylum as possible.

Face your deep-seeded fear of clowns at La Ronde's Maison Rouge haunted house. 

Clowns are not bae, guys. In fact, they're pretty much the opposite of bae, and I for one don't even need to see the 2017 version of It to tell you that.

But for those of us who aren't really that afraid of clowns, anyway (or those of us who like fear), La Ronde has totally got you covered. Their 2017 Fright Fest features quite a few haunted houses; one of the scariest ones? Maison Rouge.

Described as a "blood-soaked asylum for twisted clowns", this horrifying haunted house is guaranteed to haunt your dreams for the rest of your life... and deliver a seriously thrilling scare during Fright Fest. Life tip? Maybe bring a change of pants. You're probably going to need it if and when you get through the Maison Rouge.

Grab your BFFs and participate in (or run from) Montreal's annual Zombie Walk.

via @doing_cindy

Let's be real - how chillingly fun is the Zombie Walk? Although it's not necessarily horrifying (unless you've never heard about it, in which case it's probably the most frightening thing you'll ever see in your life), it's definitely a whole lot of scary fun... and really interesting to see everyone's A+ zombifying skills!

This year, the Zombie Walk is going down October 28 in Montreal. So rip up your clothes, grab some fake blood, and prepare to limp your way through downtown Montreal, eating brains and kicking ass the whole way.

Then head out to the Rocky Horror Picture Show together.

via @rhpsmtl

Again, not so much scary as one of the best Halloween traditions in the city. If you're aware of what the RHPS is all about, then you already know what awesomeness is in store for you this year.

If not, let me just say, it's an event. People all come together at Montreal's Cinema Imperial for a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show film, and they dress up as characters, shout at the screen, and generally have a fantastic time. At the end of the night, you've participated in a decades-old Halloween tradition, dressed up, and made some friends. It's a win-win.

Venture a little ways out of Montreal, and get greeted by creepy, beautiful glowing pumpkins.

via @meimeisimmy

Literally, Upper Canada Village’s Pumpkinferno is my idea of the perfect Halloween event. It combines all my fave things (pumpkins, glowing lights, a dash of spook, and a very brief but beautiful fall road trip) to make for one awesome event.

How scary is it? That depends on your fear threshold. For me, there’s something undeniably freaky about seeing hundreds of pumpkins carved into skulls, witches, and other ghoulish figures, so I’d say it rates pretty solid on the fear factor.

But also, it’s a beautiful and super fun sight to behold, and much like Halloween, it only comes around once a year!

Check out the "Nightmares" Haunted House, and watch in terror as all your fears become a reality.

The ultimate haunted house,La Ronde's "Nightmares" is a brand new terrifying feature during their Fright Fest Halloween festival, going down from September 30 - October 29.

How brand new is it? It's so new that we don't know exactly what to expect - but I'm pretty sure that, knowing La Ronde and how awesome their Fright Fests are, we can pretty much bet it'll be seriously frightening.

And considering it's described as "a hellish abode where all your nightmares become reality", and "the horrifying universe of the one who pulls the strings in this parallel world of anguish and fear," I'm pretty sure that the word frightening won't even begin to describe the terrors in La Ronde's newest haunted house.

Actually, just get yourself to La Ronde's Fright Fest and prepare for a scare. (Actually, prepare for tons of scares).

via @clems_montreal

It just wouldn't be Halloween in Montreal without La Ronde's yearly Fright Fest, which happens all throughout the month of October - from September 30 - October 29.

Dishing out tons of terrifying surprises, this year's Fright Fest is going to be the scariest yet! They've got five haunted houses (Maison Rouge is totally free), including the brand-new Nightmares; three different scare zones (including a "Vampire Lair" section which, please, someone save me); horrifying characters roaming the park; and a whole lot more, all mixed together with their super fun rides, some of which will be all decked out to seriously scare you.

Plus, best part?La Ronde's 2018 season pass is already available for as low as $49.99, and if you get your hands on it now, you'll enjoy unlimited access to this year's Fright Fest. So you can get as many scares in this year as you can possibly handle, plus unlimited access to La Ronde for all of 2018. Win/win? Yes/yes!

via @tobrook

To get your 2018 La Ronde season pass, and for more information on La Ronde's 2017 Fright Fest, check out their Website and Facebook page!